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18-year old Chelsea takes on 43-year old divorced mom Meredith in her first wrestling match as an adult.

Chelsea Adams has just turned 18 years old and has finally reached the age of majority.  She wrestled against girls of her age in high school and she enjoyed it a lot.  But she wants more...  As an adult, she is now allowed to wrestle against adults and that's what she wants to do.  She has been waiting for this moment for a long time because she wants to wrestle against real mature women, not young girls who she finds easy to beat in front of her school mates and boyfriend.  She wants a bigger challenge.

So Chelsea joins an underground women's wrestling club in which her mom was a member a few years back.  When she signs up, she immediately asks to fight older women.  The club organizers grant her wish, and set a date for her first competitive wrestling match that the club counts as an "official match" in which they keep track of her record.  

Chelsea has been scheduled to wrestle against Meredith Coleman, a sexy 43-year old, 127 lbs divorced mother of two teenagers.  Meredith is known as being quite the cougar because she uses her sex appeal to flirt with her opponents' husbands or boyfriends, then she fights hard and aggressively to beat these women in front of their guys.  It's probably a good thing for Chelsea that her boyfriend is not in attendance for this match.  Meredith is also a sexual dynamo whose libido needs are often met when she wrestles other women.

The young rookie Chelsea wants to test herself to find out if she can match her high school wrestling talents with the aggressive fighting style of a mature cougar mom in a wrestling match?  Let's find out. They meet in a private setting today, with their match held in a field, behind the cottage of one of the club's members, Barbara Patterson, who is also today's official referee.
18-year old, 118 lb college wrestling star Chelsea Adams
43-year old, 127 lb cougar mom Meredith Coleman

Because of her competitive wrestling background, Chelsea asked for a competitive "collegiate style" bikini wrestling match, in which the first one to accumulate 10 points or pin the opponent, wins, This is similar to collegiate or Olympic style wrestling as points are accumulated based on the wrestler's control of her opponent as called by the referee.  The pin is a bit different though.  If at any time during the match, both shoulders are pinned and the woman's butt is still touching the mat the same time, the referee can count to 10 to end the match and award it to the woman who pinned her opponent, regardless of the score at the time.  A woman can submit at any time if she is incapable of escaping a pin and is in pain and/or agony.  There is a one minute break after every 10 minutes of wrestling.

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon and both women exit Barbara's cottage back door and walk towards the blue mats that are set up for this match.  Meredith walks ahead of Chelsea and doesn't even talk to her or look at her.  She is wearing a blue and white striped bikini, covered by a knee-length white robe, tied at the waist.  Chelsea who is just behind her is wearing a blue print string bikini covered by a dark blue Adidas vest, zipped up to her breasts.

Meredith steps on the mat first and makes a sarcastic comment to referee Barbara:  "Lovely day for a rookie beatdown.  Don't you agree, Barb?"  Chelsea was annoyed by the comment and retaliated: "You wish, old hag!  I may be 18, but I'll beat your ass in real wrestling."  Meredith starts to untie her robe as she answers back: "Really?  What the fuck did you just call me?  You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, you little shit!  You're a kid and I'm a mature woman.  I'll beat your ass and send you home crying to mommy!!  Then you can tell her to come and fight me in your place, so I can kick her ass and..."  Barbara steps in to control the level  of  animosity:  "Okay!  Okay!!  That's enough ladies.  You can settle your differences on the mat, and by the rules, please."

Barbara gestures the women to go to their respective corners of the mat.  "Okay, now you can remove your robes and we'll get this match underway.  You both know the rules.  This is a points match.  First one to reach 10 points , pin her opponent or make her submit, wins the match.  Any questions?  No?  Alright ladies, may the best woman win.  Ready?  And wrestle!!"

Chelsea  immediately uses her speed and goes of Meredith's legs.  Meredith sprawls but th collegiate wrestler lifts Meredith right off the ground and stuns her with the first takedown.  Barbara awards 2 points to Chelsea.  

Meredith squirms out of the hold and slides away, quickly making it back on her feet.  Barbara gives her 1 point for the escape.  Chelsea barely gives Meredith time to recuperate when she lunges towards her and once again takes her off her feet for another 2 points.  You can sense Meredith's frustration as she tries to push Chelsea away.    Chelsea is on top of Meredith who now has her legs wrapped around Chelsea's waist.  Chelsea pushes forward and ends up with a body press  on top of Meredith as Barbara gives her another 2 points for control.  They have been wrestling for about seven minutes and the score is now 6:1 in favour of the young rookie who appears to be headed for a one-sided victory.

"Arrrghhhhhh!!!  Fuck!!  Arrrggghhhhhh!!!"  A frustrated Meredith uses every ounce of her strength to bridge and turn her body to the side to avoid being pinned by her young opponent.  This puts her in another bad position as she now gives Chelsea her back.

Chelsea uses this opportunity to lock in a body scissor hold on Meredith while securing her position with a bearhug.  Chelsea  maintains full control over Meredith for two more minutes, giving her another 2 points.  It is now an amazingly one-sided score of 8:1 in favour of Chelsea.

Young wrestling star Chelsea used her skills to dominate cougar mom Meredith
early on in  the match.  Here, she has her legs wrapped around Meredith's waist
while she secures the hold with a bearhug

With one minute to go in the first round of 10 minutes, Chelsea squeezes as hard as she can to get a submission out of mature divorced mom Meredith.

Hoping to get another 2 points and win the match, Chelsea maintains her firm hold on Meredith as tightly as she can.  There are only 30 seconds left as Chelsea strains, hoping to finish off the cougar in the first round.  Visibly in pain, Meredith holds of the young rookie until Barbara whistles the end of the first 10 minute round.  Chelsea doesn't release her hold yet.  Meredith is not happy as she yells out: "Let me go, you fucking bitch!!"  

Barbara steps in telling Chelsea to release her hold immediately or she's disqualified.  Chelsea is cocky at this point as she slowly eases up on the pressure and releases her hold.  Meredith quckly sits up and shoves Chelsea by pushing her on the shoulder.  Barbara has to step in again:  "That's enough!!  To your corners ladies for a one minute break."  
Both women head to their corners of the mat and drink bottled water while they wipe the sweat off their glistening bodies.  The first round was one-sided for Chelsea who started aggressively, stunning Meredith by quickly racking up 8 points to Meredith's single point as the young star rookie used her high school and college wrestling skills to control the mature cougar mom.  

Knowing that Chelsea's wrestling skills are too much for her to handle, mature Meredith needs to slowly get her stride and turn the tables around or she will suffer a humiliating loss to a small girl younger than her two daughters.  As a cougar who is used to getting her way, Meredith finds that outcome unacceptable and humiliating.  She doesn't have the stamina of the 18-year old and must find a way to win.  She can't accumulate enough points to beat the young rookie, so she knows that to win the match, she must find a way to pin her.
Barbara orders the women to begin round 2, and Meredith is very much aware that she can't let the young rookie take her down again.  On cue, Chelsea lunges again towards Meredith who outsmarts her this time by lunging towards her as well, rather than sprawl.  Being a strong alpha woman, Meredith uses her strength and slight weight advantage to out muscle the young Chelsea who suddenly feels like she hit a wall as they both grapple while standing up.

Meredith's power becomes more evident when both women are standing up, compared to when she's on her back.  Meredith outmuscles the young rookie and manages to get her in a headlock.  She then trips  one of Chelsea's legs and flips her to the ground with a heavy thud.  A loud smack is heard as Meredith's mature body lands on top of Chelsea's as they hit the mat.  Barbara gives two points to Meredith, allowing her to close in the gap at 5 points, with a score of 8 points to 3.

This powerful and hard takedown knocks the wind out of Chelsea for a few seconds, allowing Meredith to better position herself on top of her young opponent.  She manages to end up in a straddle position as she now sits on the star rookie in a tight schoolgirl pin.  Barbara calls it in - two more points for a more respectable score of 8 points to 5. Now, Chelsea's wrestling skills are put to the test as she bridges high to avoid having her shoulders and ass pinned to the mat.

Let's get closer to the action as we hear Barbara talk to the wrestlers as the match progresses.  "That's two points for Meredith for control over Chelsea. Chelsea now has 8 and Meredith has 5."  Meredith who has reversed the trend of the first round is grasping Chelsea's hands firmly and is balancing her weight on her knees, with her feet pressing against Chelsea's biceps.  The 43-year old mature mom is now in a control position over the 18-year old wrestling sensation who is still in the lead by 3 points.

Cougar mom Meredith straddles young wrestling sensation Chelsea who still leads by 3 points

Chelsea fights back as hard as she can, but the older 43-year old woman stuns the young wrestler as she remains on top, with her ass pressed against the 18-year old's breasts.  Chelsea is now in a very bad position, and judging by her curled toes, she is struggling and may be in some pain, but she is refusing to submit to the mature cougar mom.
  What an incredible reversal...
Young Chelsea bridges high, but cannot fight cougar mom Meredith off of her.
Barbara looks more closely at the action and talks again:  "You better fight harder Chelsea!  If you remain in this position for another 10 seconds, I'm adding 2 more points to Meredith's score."  The young sensation understands what that means as she screams out her frustration trying to get the mature mom off of her.  "Arrrgghhhhh!!!  No!  No!!  Hnnnnuuuggghhhh!!!"
Grasping Chelsea's hands and balancing by the knees
with her feet pressing against Chelsea's upper arms,
Meredith is in control of the match at this point
With all the intense struggling, Chelsea's top slides down, exposing the young rookie's 32B breasts for the first time in a wrestling match while mature mom Meredith sits on them and presses her crotch against Chelsea's face.  Chelsea's ass and shoulders are now firmly pinned on the mat as Barbara starts the slow count to ten: "Onnnne-twooo-threee-fourrr-fivvee-sixxxx".

Chelsea can't believe that this older mom of two daughters has her pinned like this.  Meredith's moist crotch is pressing and rubbing in a back and forth motion directly on Chelsea's mouth as the cougar gyrates her hips to pleasure herself on top of her young prey.  Chelsea now knows the difference between wrestling against girls and mature women.  She struggles helplessly under Meredith's crotch "No!  No!! N... Mmmmppphhhhh!!  Mmmmmppphhhh!!!" as Barbara keeps counting slowly "seven-eight-ninnne".  

Cougar mom Meredith has her way with Chelsea as she rubs her crotch on the young athlete's face
The 43-year old cougar mom is horny and is now in her element as she enjoys her domination by pinning her younger opponent and sitting on her face.
Chelsea struggles helplessly as mature Meredith keeps rubbing
her crotch on her opponent's face as she counts to 10 for the pin
Meredith's face sitting of Chelsea is seen here from a different angle.  With her newly exposed breasts flattened under the cougar mom's ass, this is a completely new experience for Chelsea who learns fast how mature women can fight.  As you can see, young Chelsea's strong wrestler's legs are of no use to her against this 43-year old aggressive mom who holds those wrists tightly and whose feet at firmly placed on Chelsea's biceps holding them there.  What a humiliating outcome for the young wrestling sensation who thought that she could beat an older woman rather easily with her wrestling skills.  And she came so close in the first round.

Chelsea's strong muscular legs are of no use to her against the agressive
cougar mom who maintains her dominance with this amazing face sitting pin

At the last second, Chelsea manages to lift her ass off the ground as she attempts to go for another bridge.  Cougar mom Meredith takes advantage of this move and leans her upper body forward with her breasts mere inches from Chelsea's face while she slides her crotch back, with her ass now sitting on top of Chelsea's hips.

Meanwhile, Barbara shouts: "Two more control points for Meredith.  It's now 8-7 for Chelsea".

This is a terrible position for Chelsea to be in.  Cougar mom Meredith now attempts to go for a full-body press as Chelsea keeps fighting and bridging to avoid the pin.  Chelsea is focused on not losing, and with her eyes closed, she puts every ounce of energy that she has left to fight off the older mature cougar, but she appears to be unable to gain any ground.  What an incredible turnaround...

Meredith moves in for the kill as she goes for a full body press while the young Chelsea
bridges in a desperate move to avoid being pinned by the tough cougar mom

Wow!!  SHE'S GOT HER!!!  Young wrestler Chelsea is stunned and upset by the turn of events and in desperation  she makes a wrong move and is now more firmly pinned by the older mature cougar mom Meredith who now has the young wrestler's head secured under her upper body with her left arm, while she uses her right hand to hold Chelsea's left arm by grasping it above the wrist.  

Now the cougar mom's breasts have popped out of her top as she moves in for the pin.  With her full weight pushing hard against the young wrestling sensation's entire body, the cougar mom is fighting aggressively and not giving an inch to her young opponent.  Barbara quickly leans over as she sees what is happening here.  She starts the count:  "Onnne-twooo-threeee-fourrr-fivvee".  

Chelsea's young face says it all as she furiously cries out in frustration: "Arrrggghhh!!  Nnnggguuuhhh!! No! No! No! Please! No!  I don’t want to lose! I never lose!"  Cougar mom Meredith reiterates the current situation as she talks down to Chelsea: "Oh, you’re going to lose little girl!  You're going nowhere you little bitch.  You're mine now!  There’s no fucking way I’m going to let a rookie whore like you beat me at wrestling.”  This is the first time in her life that Chelsea hears another woman speak to her like this.  She's learning fast the hard way that the world of mature women's wrestling is a lot tougher than wrestling young girls in high school or college.  Barbara is inches away from the action as he keeps counting: "sixxx-sevennn-eight".
Young rookie wrestler Chelsea is learning the hard way not to underestimate
mature women as Meredith holds her firmly pinned under the 127 lbs
horny divorced cougar mom. while referee Barbara counts to ten. 
Young Chelsea's face shows her exhaustion as cougar mom Meredith holds her young, firm athletic body tightly pinned to the mat.  Unable to continue, Chelsea doesn't want to submit to the much more mature Meredith.  But the cougar mom is still taunting the young wrestler: "You're pinned, bitch.  Good thing for you that you didn't bring your boyfriend, hun, 'cause I'd have him as my trophy".  Barbara raises her voice: "NINE-TEN-PINNED!!

The young wrestling sensation's face says it all
as she is now helplessly pinned by the mature cougar

With Chelsea still ahead by 1 point, Meredith wins the match with a 10-count pin."  Before getting up, Meredith leaves Chelsea with some words of advice: "Don't you ever fuck with me again, you little shit!!  You have no idea what it is to fight real mature women.  Maybe you should go back to your college wrestling and your boyfriend".  

Meredith gets up, high five's Barbara and walks away in a cocky strut while telling Barbara:  "Send me more of these rookie bitches Barbara.  I'll put them in their place.  And tell them to bring their boyfriends next time so I can have them for dessert..."

Barbara leans over to Chelsea to help her out:  "Are you okay, dear?  That was a hell of a fight, and you had Meredith in serious trouble there for a while.  But you have to watch out for us mature women.  We're a lot more to handle than you young girls may think.  I'm sure you'll learn more as you keep fighting." 

Although she almost won, but ended up suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the 43-year old cougar mom Meredith, 18-year old Chelsea enjoyed her match and wants to keep fighting, especially against these mature women.  She wants to gain more experience in real woman's pins and submissions wrestling rather than collegiate-style wrestling and she now gets a kick out of fighting older women.  Maybe she'll improve enough to get her rematch against Meredith someday.

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