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My wife Karen and her senior director Margaret settle their differences outside of the office by wrestling on a secluded beach...

It’s Tuesday afternoon, around 5 o’clock and I’m sitting in my car waiting for my wife Karen to finish work.  She’s an advisor at the corporate office of a large firm.  Ha!  Here she comes.  She opens the door, sits in and slams it shut.  “Rough day, I see?”  She stares ahead.  “Hmphh.  Drive!  I need to get away from this place.”  So I leave and the ride is pretty quiet.  “Anything you want to talk about honey?”  She looks pissed.  “I’ll tell you later.  Can you finish early tomorrow?  It’s important.  I’d like you to pick me up at around 3:00 and we’ll go directly to the beach.  There’s a nice quiet spot on Sinclair Lake and I want to be there by 4:00”.  The idea sounds good to me so I tell her that I’ll pick her up.

Karen is still pretty quiet all evening and I know there’s something bothering her.  It’s 10 o’clock and she tells me that she wants to go to bed early.  I’m watching TV when she asks: “Can you join me, hun.  I need you tonight.”  I take this as a sign that she either wants to cuddle or have sex to let out her frustration, whatever it is.  So we go to bed early and I sleep naked, so I cuddle her, expecting her to perhaps open up about her day.  She’s still quiet.  She’s wearing small black panties and a white t-shirt.  I’m comfortable and relaxed when she suddenly sits up on the side of the bed, takes of her t-shirt by lifting it above her head then throws it on the floor.  She gets on the bed, on her knees moves towards me, grabs my wrists, pins them above my head and straddles me.  I’m thinking to myself YES!!  We’re having sex.  Then, out of nowhere she blurts out: “Wanna wrestle?”  My adrenaline hits the roof and my heart starts pounding.  Before I have a chance to answer, she lies down on me, pressing her warm body against mine, then she wraps her smoothly shaved legs around mine and grapevines me.  I can feel her body tightening, her hands squeezing my wrists, and her legs extending, spreading mine in the process as I feel like my knees about to pop from the pressure.  She has me pinned on the bed and she says firmly: “Fight me”.  My wife is no slouch.  She works out and is quite strong.  At about 115 lb, she’s not big, but I know that she could handle herself quite well if she ever fought another woman.  Her legs are very strong and she has me firmly pinned.  I weigh about 175 lb and I am trying as hard as I can to get her off of me but she is so aggressive tonight that I can’t shake her off.  Of course, this excites me like nothing else and my dick is hard as an oak tree…  So needless to say, we wrestle as foreplay and have the best sex ever…  What a night!!

The next morning, we get dressed for work and she’s looks tense again.  I jokingly ask her: “You look stressed.  Wanna wrestle?”  She looks at me with a serious grin.  ”OK, honey.  Here’s what’s going.  You know that boney-assed bitch Margaret from work.  That stuck up senior director that I keep telling you about.  She’s my manager’s boss, so technically I work for her.  So, I was presenting at a meeting yesterday and the bitch cuts me off in the middle of my presentation and starts complaining about my strategy.  She made me look like a fool in front of other senior managers.  So I told her off and we started arguing during the meeting until the company president told us to leave and settle our differences outside of the boardroom.  It was an awkward moment.  So, the bitch calls me to her office and I ask her what her fucking problem is.  We almost got into a physical altercation, right in her office.  We can’t stand each other.  So, I told her that she’s lucky we’re not outside because I’d beat the shit out of her.  Now this is where it gets complicated.  She took me up on my challenge.”  I tried to wrap my head around what I just heard.  Umm what do you mean she took you up on it.”  You’re gonna fight it out?”

She took a deep breath and continued her explanation: “We both agreed that there is only one way for us to settle our problem.  It’s like in high school when the hero meets the bully after school and beats the crap out of him.  I know I can take her.  So we mutually agreed to meet after work…, at Lake Sinclair, today at 4h00.  My head starts spinning as I can’t clearly process what I’m thinking.  “Seriously?  Let me get this straight.  You and your senior director are going to fight like school girls after hours? On the beach?  Later today?”  Needless to say, I already have an erection and need more details.  Yes, we agreed to fight and the loser has to obey the winner and leave her alone.  So once I beat the shit out of her, she’ll stop bugging me and I’ll have bragging rights over her.”  Then I ask her the wrong question: “Um, what if you end up losing?  Then what?”  Karen stares me right in the eyeballs and snaps back:  “Are you kidding me?  There’s no way that bitch can take me.  Did you ever see her?  Ugly faced, flat shoes, no tits, skinny ass short haired weakling whore.  I can’t wait to take her down and sit on her face.  I’ll show her whose boss now.”  Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to work today because my mind will be focused on one thing and one thing only.  My lovely wife Karen fighting another woman, on the beach…  I’ll walk around with a hard-on all friggin’ day. 

So I drop my wife to work and as anticipated, my day is a total washout.  I can only think about her fighting this other woman, her senior director no less.  Unbelievably hot and sexy!!  My wife is 31 years old and weighs about 115 lb.  She told me that Margaret is 42 years old and weighs about the same.  They both have small breasts but who cares… all I can think of is that they are going to fight today.   So after what feels like an eternity, I finish early and, as planned, I wait for my wife at 3:00.  She gets in the car, smiles, gives me a kiss and says:  “Let’s do this.  The bitch has it coming.”  I look at her and she’s all pumped up.  I’ve never seen her like this… well, maybe last night…, but never before then.  I ask her how her day went and if she’s still serious about going ahead with this fight. “I’ve never been so sure of anything, honey.  We crossed each other’s path in the ladies room today and we were both civilized.  But we’re going ahead with our fight.  We need to settle our grudge.  Oh, and we went through some rules.  I have some good news for you and some bad news...  

The bad news first: We’re not going to hit, slap or scratch each other.  We still need to go to work tomorrow and not look like we’ve been in a boxing match.  So, we fight hard, kind of like wrestling or grappling, until one of us submits and admits defeat to the better woman.  Me of course…”  I’m okay with that.  I don’t want my wife to get hurt and for me, wrestling or grappling is hotter than punching and scratching anyway.  If that’s the bad news I wonder what the good news can be.  “Now for the good news, for you anyway…  We decided to wrestle topless.  I'm wearing my favorite flowered bikini that you bought me for my birthday and we're taking our tops off.   Woman to woman.  Body to bitch’s body.  I’m so psyched honey.  I can picture myself pinning the bitch and making her beg.  Oh, I want this really badly.”  I would like to tell her that I also want this really badly, but I just smile.

We arrive at the lake and I park the car close to a small sand trail.  There is a silver Mercedes parked nearby.  Karen looks at me and says:  “That her car.  She’s already here.  So this is going to happen.”  She removes her high heel shoes, blouse and skirt, and I see that she already has her bikini underneath.  She ties her hair in a ponytail, checks herself in the visor mirror, smiles and gives me a kiss.  Surprisingly, she looks quite relaxed.  As we walk down the sandy trail toward the beach, Karen stops, pulls my arm to turn me aside and says:  “Listen to me carefully, honey.  No matter what.., I repeat…, no matter what, you will NOT say a word nor will you intervene or interfere in our fight.  You will not stop it for any reason whatsoever.  This is between me and her and the only way we can settle this to our satisfaction is for one of us to make the other submit, without any outside interference.  Got it?  I mean it.  Do you understand what I just said?  This is very important to me.  You can watch, but you must promise that you’ll not do anything else.”  Well, I think her message is quite clear.  So I agree with her terms.  We arrive at this clearing near the water, and Margaret is there, in a pink bikini, sitting on a beach blanket and talking on her cellphone.  Karen puts her hand on my chest to stop me from walking further and says:  “OK.  That’s close enough.  Don’t come any closer.  And stay at least 10 feet away from where we will fight.  I told her that my husband was coming with me.  That arrogant bitch actually said that she was pleased because she’ll be able to beat me in front of you.  The nerve…  Anyway wish me luck and watch me go at her!”  Karen walks away as I admire her sexy ass and legs, and think about how lucky I must be to soon watch her fight another woman, on a secluded beach with no one else but me around.

I watch from about 20 feet away as Margaret gets up and the two women are now face to face, in their bikinis.  I have no idea what they are saying, but it sounds serious.  Karen reaches behind her back and starts unhooking her bikini bra as Margaret turns around and walks toward her blanket.  She unhooks her pink bikini top, and throws it near the blanket, then turns toward Karen, wipes her bare breasts with her hands to remove some sweat from her skin and then both women approach each other, arms extended, ready to pounce.  I feel the tension rise as they try grabbing each other’s hands.  Karen seizes Margaret’s hand and makes the first move.  

My wife Karen makes the first move and tries to twist Margaret's arm.
She tries to twist her arm but Margaret pulls away.  Karen then tries to get her in a headlock but Margaret keeps backing up.  The circle each other r bit, then Margaret makes her move and suddenly the pace picks up like a tornado as the women’s bodies become intertwined and they struggle aggressively and violently to gain an advantage.  I have to stand back as they have moved along on the sand and now Margaret has my wife in a headlock and twists her body as Karen tries to escape.  Margaret extends her left leg and tries to trip Karen to make her fall down on her back.  After a few attempts, she succeeds.  Holy shit!  Karen flies right off the ground feet in the air almost like a judo throw and she ends up on her back with a thud.  Margaret then jumps on my wife and holds her in what appears to be a front choke hold.  Her heels digging in the sand Karen tries to fight her boss off of her, but Margaret is securing and tightening her hold even more.  Karen's shoulders are pinned on the sand as Margaret lies on top of her in a cross body position.  Karen has her right arm around Margaret's neck, but has no effect on her opponent.
My wife Karen is on her back and Margaret works her over as their feet dig in the sand. 
The women aren’t talking or taunting each other.  All I can hear is the moans, groans and sounds of a struggle.  I can't believe how aggressive the women are.  It is obvious that they dislike each other and are very competitive.  Margaret remains on top and appears to be in control so far as Karen moves around in the sand, squirming to escape the many holds that Margaret keeps applying.  I'm rooting for my wife, but can't help being aroused by seeing another woman seriously dominating her in a wrestling match.
Margaret is in control so far as Karen tries to move around to escape her many holds. 
Margaret tries to get in a better position to mount Karen and possibly straddle her.  But Karen holds on to Margaret with her arms as Margaret drags her body on the sand.  "Come on Karen.  She's soundly beating you, honey.  Fight harder."  This is incredible.  I'm thinking that last night, my wife who I consider strong had me firmly pinned in bed, and today, she's being thoroughly dominated by a woman of roughly her same size and weight.  That senior director of her's must go to the gym, because she looks pretty strong.  

Margaret tries to get into a better position but Karen holds on desperately.
Margaret now has her legs on each side of Karen, but before she gets in position to mount Karen, my wife wraps her legs around Margaret's midsection and squeezes with all her might.  I could hear her moan and grunt as she tries desperately to get any advantage that she can.  "Come on Karen.  Squeeze her..." 

With Margaret still on top, my wife wraps her legs around her waist and squeezes with all her might  
Margaret gets on her feet but Karen won't let go of her body scissors hold.  Karen pulls Margaret's head towards her as she tries to get a submission, but Margaret won't have any of that as she strains to lift her head to get in a more dominant position.

Karen pulls Margaret's head toward her as she squeezes her waist in a failed submission attempt
After a long struggle, Karen can't hold on Margaret's head anymore and releases her grip.  Margaret immediately lifts her body higher off the ground and grabs Karen's wrists to prevent her from pulling Margaret down again.  Karen won't let go of her scissors.  I'm looking at my wife in complete amazement: a businesswoman, topless, on a secluded beach, wrestling with intensity and passion against a senior director from her office.   I can sense the animosity between these two very intelligent, highly educated, well-payed women in their 30s and 40s, fighting like two high school girls over a boyfriend.  But these are mature women wrestling, not high school kids...   

Margaret is on her feet as my wife keeps her body scissors locked
Margaret turns around as if she was attempting a scorpion hold.  Karen lets go of her scissors before being caught in the submission hold.  Still on the ground, my wife tries to get up, but Margaret quickly gets her legs wrapped around Karen's head as she grabs my wife's left arm and pulls it toward her.  My wife makes sounds as if she is in serious pain, but she hangs on.  Margaret tightens her strong legs as she goes for a head scissors hold.  She really works my wife over.  I hear Karen sounding upset:  "Arghhh!!  Bitch! Unghhh!!"  She grabs Margaret's arm but can't free herself this way.  Oh my God!!!  I think it's over.  My poor wife is in a heap of trouble and can't escape the tight hold.  Margaret shouts out in a stern tone: "GIVE?"  Karen is hurting.  She replies: "Nooo!  Nooo!"

Margaret in full control asks my wife if she submits.  Karen cries out that she won't submit.
Oh no!!!  Margaret rolls her body 90 degrees and takes Karen along with her.  She then pulls my wife closer to her with her arms in what looks like a choke hold, then adjusts her her strong legs around my poor wife's waist and squeezes in a tight body scissors hold.  The beach is no longer quiet as my wife lets out a loud scream of agony:  "Arghhhh!!!  Owww! Arghhhhh!!"  Margaret shouts over Karen's screams: "GIVE?  I'll break your ribs if you don't give, bitch."  Karen kicks her legs in one last ditch effort to escape the python hold around her waist.  I feel bad for my wife.  She's in such agony. I finally raise my voice loud enough for my wife to clearly hear me:  "C'mon Karen.  Don't give honey.  Fight her babe, fight her."  My wife answers back to me in a tone of anguish and despair: "I can't.  I can't.  Arghhh!!  No!  No! Arghhh!!"  Again, Margaret shouts out: "GIVE?  You're going nowhere honey.  I'll make you give if it breaks you in two."  Karen sounds like she's sobbing: "No!  Arghhh!  No!  I can't lose in front of my husband.  Arghhh!"  Margaret replies in a bitchy tone as she tightens her legs even more around Karen's helpless body:  "You should have thought of that before taking me on in front of him.  Now this is your last chance bitch.  GIVE!!"  Karen is finished, exhausted, unable to escape this submission hold:  "Arghh! OK! OK! I give! I give!  You win.  You're the better woman."

Margaret releases the hold, gets up and walk away and as she walks she says: "Remember our bet.  You're mine now, honey!"  I run over to Karen as she holds her stomach with her arms, visibly in pain.  I ask her if she's ok.  She looks at me and although her eyes are red, her body is sore and her pride is shot down, she says: "Damn, she's good.  I'll give her that.  But you know what, I lost this fight, but I caught the bug.  I want to wrestle again, win or lose.  The experience is exhilarating.  I'll have to deal with her at work, but I want to fight again, but against someone else."  Well, of course I'm not going to argue with her.

Even with her sore ribs, we wrestled that night as a prelude to sex, and the sex was out of this world, and has been ever since.  Hmmm... We're still looking to find her more opponents. 

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  1. Great Story was hoping to see Karen come out with the win, but I also enjoy seeing the villain win now and again.