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After a controversial draw in armwrestling, 161 lb country girl Miranda wrestles against 155 lb. housewife Victoria to settle the score in front of Victoria’s husband and their close friends

The Oklahoma State Fair is once again holding its Annual Arm Wrestling Classic in which men and women compete and earn the title of arm wrestling champion. Although there are five weight classes for men, there are only two for women; the Featherweight division for women under 144 lb and the tough Open Division for the big strong women weighing 145 lb and above. Women come from all over the state to compete. There are 26 women in the Featherweight division and 18 the Open class. As the competition progresses and the winners move up and the losers are eliminated, it is becoming obvious that two women in particular are dominating the Open division and will more than likely be meeting for the final which should be a barnburner. 161 lb country girl Miranda Anderson from Wichita Falls has eliminated each of her opponents in under 8 seconds, while 153 lb housewife Victoria Richards from Tulsa is beating larger women who weigh well over 200 lb. At the end of the day, the highly anticipated match between these two top competitors takes place as anticipated.

29-year old country girl Miranda was raised on a ranch on the outskirts of Wichita Falls and, being a big girl to begin with, has become a powerful woman with a natural strength to reckon with.  Miranda arrives at the table wearing a white camisole that exposes her muscular biceps and strong upper body with black cowgirl boots, with those oh-so tight jeans that could barely hold her curvy legs and ass.  She removes her cowboy boots, fixes her hair into a pony tail and walks up barefoot onto the stage and to the table. She does a few arm stretches while she waits for her opponent to arrive.

32-year old Tulsa housewife Victoria arrives with her husband Steve beside her and she is wearing body hugging black leggings and a light blue v-neck t-shirt in which she rolls up the sleeves to also expose her bulging biceps ans sharply upper body. Victoria shake her loose hair, slides out of her flat shoes, gets a hug and a kiss from her hubby and also walks up to the table barefoot.

These ladies are now as cold as ice… They don’t shake hands. They just stand there staring at each other to psych the other woman out. The referee tells them to approach the table and place their right elbow on the pad, grasp the handle with their left hand and lock their right hands together. As the crowd quiets down, one could sense the extreme tension and excitement as these two powerful undefeated women finally meet to determine who will reign as 2015 arm wrestling champion.  The women adjust their bodies to the table and hook their right leg to a table leg to maximize their leverage. They adjust their arms, move their fingers in precise positons as any small misalignment could mean the difference between winning and losing. They move their upper bodies against the table and are now staring in the air, taking deep breaths, as you see their neck veins pump up and their whole bodies tense up. Their finger grip tightens, forearms bulge and biceps firm up. These two top females, a country girl and a housewife are now ready to go at it…

The referee holds their hands in place, the crowd goes silent. “Are you ready ladies?” They both nod quickly. “Ready…. Set… GO!!! He quickly releases their hands and as predicted, it is a clash of the female titans as both women explode as their faces strain, their bodies lean to the left and their arms shake from the extreme power being exhorted.

Hands are locked tight, biceps are bulging and these powerful women are ready to arm wrestle
“Arghhh!!! Ugh!!!” both women scream out their emotions to release the tension and give them the added strength to emerge as the victor in what is so far an dead-even match. As the crowd now shouts, screams and cheers, both women are pulling hard, with every ounce of strength they can find. Their arms have moved back and forth no more than three inches. They pull hard, really hard, as their faces are red, teeth grinding, legs tightly hooked to the table. 

This explosive arm wrestling match goes on for an unbelievable 3 minutes when the referee comments that it has never happened before, but if there is no winner after 5 minutes, it is declared a draw.  As a result, although both women will share the top spot, there will be no champion. The crowd is going crazy and now there is about one minute left. Curvy country girl Miranda who had never gone more than 8 seconds because of her explosive starts is beginning to show hints of weakening a bit. Amazingly strong housewife Vicky is slowly pulling the country girl’s arm towards her.  She’s leaning further… both women’s arms are shaking. Vicky’s teeth are clenched, while Miranda’s blue eyes are starting to show some concern. As the crowd is screaming, there are 30 seconds left and Miranda’s arm is about three inches from the pad. 

30 seconds left and Vicky is so close to winning,
but Miranda's arm is still three inches away from the table
“Arrrggghhhh!!! Vicky moves her body in a better position to pin her opponent’s arm, but Miranda just won’t give up. 20 seconds to go… Down to two inches… A mere two inches to go before the housewife is declared arm wrestling champ.  The country girl digs in deep and holds off her opponent. 10 seconds to go. 9-8-7-6-5… One inch. One lousy inch away from victory.  Vicky’s upper body is virtually horizontal but her arm needs one last pull. 4-3 “Arrghh!” 2-1. The referee shouts: “Time out”. But the women aren’t stopping. “OK ladies, it’s a draw. You can let go. There’s no winner this year.” He grabs their hands and firmly says: “That’s enough ladies. Stop it!!” 

As they finally release their finger lock, housewife Vicky slams her fist on the table. “I had her!! I needed one more second. Why do you have a silly time limit? I was winning.” Miranda looks relieved. Vicky looks over at her and says: “There’s no way you could have come back from that. I had you. I want a rematch.” The referee says, “Sorry ladies, but it’ll have to wait until next year.” Vicky is furious. “I can’t wait another year. I want to beat you now, not next year.” Miranda smiles and replies: “Well, I can wait. So you’ll have to figure out some other way to beat me.” As her husband tries to hold her back, Vicky shouts back: “OK missy. How about a wrestling match, or are you scared of losing at that too?” Miranda’s face turns serious: “Hey, I’m not afraid of you. I can take you anytime in a wrestling match. Tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.” Vicky, visibly upset, quickly answers back: “My place. Tomorrow night. I have mats. Bring some witnesses. And trust me, it won’t be a draw.”  Vicky looks over at her husband: “Hey honey, can you write down our address and give it to Miss Cowgirl here so she won’t get lost.” Steve writes down the coordinates and hands them over to Miranda who replies: “This should be good.  In case you’re wondering, I wrestled against boys in high school.  See you tomorrow!”

The next night, Miranda arrives at Steve and Vicky’s house with two of her female friends, while Vicky’s husband Steve and one of her closest friends act as her witnesses.  All six go downstairs, and the two powerful women step on the mat and face each other.  

Miranda starts the discussion: “Ok. I’m the guest, so here’s what I propose.  We fight a pins and submission match.  If it’s a pin, the witnesses can count to 10.  If it’s a submission, the loser has to say I give.  No punching, kicking, scratching or eye gouging.  Anything else is fair game.” Vicky replies: “Fine by me. I’ll beat you anyway. But I’m not fighting in these clothes.” She unbuttons her blouse and hands it over to her husband Steve. She then removes her tight slacks revealing small beige sheer thong panties. Standing in front of her opponent in her see-through bra and panties, she then tells her rival: “Well, what are you waiting for?  Take off your clothes woman. I’m not fighting you unless you undress like me.” Miranda smirks and then slides her t-shirt over her head, but she’s not wearing a bra. Standing topless, she then removes her jeans revealing a dark brown mini thong that barely covers her thick ass. “Your turn, bitch! I’m topless. You know what to do. You wanted this.  Now take it off woman.” Without hesitation, Vicky removes her bra and throws it towards Steve.  

As the witnesses find a place to sit, both women approach each other, barefoot, in nothing but the smallest thongs. With their round butts and shapely legs firmly planted, they place their hands on their hips and have a short stare down. Two thick, strong women, each weighing in the 160 lb. range, are about to fight, and only one can emerge as the winner, the country cowgirl against the city housewife.  Having come so close to winning the arm wrestling contest, housewife Vicky feels confident that she can also beat country girl Miranda in a real fight.

Now it’s Vicky’s turn to speak first: “Ready to fight me, cowbitch? C’mon. Show me what you got.” Miranda lunges forward and the fight is on.  Both women lock their fingers together and start off in what looks like a tit fight as their bodies are pressed against each other. Their thick legs push their bodies harder against their opponent’s and the small group of witnesses starts to shout and cheer for their combatant.  

We all know how the arm wrestling contest went, but now it’s their thick strong legs that are put to the test as they move around the mats as each tries to take her opponent down to the ground.  They let go of each other’s fingers and in a quick sudden move, Miranda wraps her arms just below Vicky’s round ass and lifts her right off the mats as she pushes forward. With a loud thud, Vicky ends up on her back with Miranda falling on top of her. Vicky wraps her legs around Miranda’s waist and locks her size 8 feet together tightly and goes for a body scissors hold in an attempt to avoid the mount from Miranda. They fall sideways and Vicky now has her strong legs wrapped around Miranda’s mid-section as she grabs her opponent’s hair with her left hand and slithers her right arm around Miranda’s neck in a combination body scissors and choke hold. Miranda moans as Vicky moves her legs up and tightens them around the cowgirl’s ribs. Miranda tries to avoid the body scissors by holding Vicky's right foot between her thighs preventing them from locking up.  Vicky keeps the pressure on Miranda's neck.  The 153 lb housewife seems to be dominating the 161 lb country girl.

Using her massive legs, Miranda bridges up and tries to turn over. With her right size 9 foot planted on the mats and her left leg in the air to gain leverage, Miranda fight hard but loses this battle and is slammed back on the mat.  Vicky turns Miranda over as she keeps squeezing her mid-section.  She goes for Miranda's chin and pulls hard in an attempt to make the cowgirl submit.  The air is tense as these strong women fight with no mercy.  Vicky is really pouring it on as she wanted the arm wrestling championship so bad that she lets out her frustration by punishing Miranda.  

Blonde housewife Vicky is relentless as she attacks cowgirl Miranda with no mercy
Miranda's face and neck are turning red from the extreme pressure that Vicky is putting on.  It looks like Miranda may submit soon.  Miranda manages to slip her right arm away from Vicky's scissors and she quickly goes for the blondes hair and pulls as hard as she can to the side, yanking Vicky's neck to the point that she loosens her neck and body holds just enough for Miranda to turn her body around.  Now facing each other on the ground, Miranda quickly rolls on top of Vicky and slides her body up.  Suddenly, it is now Miranda who is in control as she goes for a pin while not only locking her legs around Vicky's waist but also wrapping her arms around Vicky's and tightening them up, as they're now stretched over Vicky's head.  In a stunning reversal, and with both women visibly exhausted, cowgirl Miranda has taken control of this match and is now on top of housewife Vicky as she goes for the pin.

The tables are turned as country girl Miranda is now on top of housewife Vicky and pins her
Vicky feels the pressure of Miranda's thick legs around her waist and tries to control her breathing, but country girl Miranda will not ease up.  Knowing that she's in full control of the opponent, Miranda shouts at Vicky: "GIVE?"  Vicky quickly shouts back: "NEVER".  Miranda then rebuttals: "Yeah?  We'll see about that bitch."  Miranda grabs Vicky's right wrist with her left hand and puts her right arm around Vicky's neck.  Her strong body maintaining its top position, Miranda places her upper body in position to smother Vicky with her body weight as Vicky's face disappears under her opponent's chest.

Vicky is in deep trouble as Miranda pins her firmly while she holds her arm and neck
Vicky is in deep trouble as her husband is going crazy on the sidelines: "C'mon Vicky!!  You had her, honey.  What happened?  Get her off.  Bridge.  Fight her, babe.  Fight!!  She's winning." Vicky moans and gasps for air as Miranda keeps her smothered with the weight of her upper body on top of Vicky's chest.  Vicky sounds desperate as she answers back to Steve:  "I'm stuck.  I'm pinned.  I can't breathe."  Vicky plants her feet firmly and tries to bridge out of the pin an a last ditch effort to push Miranda to her side.  It doesn't work and Miranda is still on top.   

Miranda knows that Vicky is close to defeat.  She moves her legs up and stays on top of Vicky in what looks like a straddle.  She does not let go of Vicky's strong arm. Miranda could lean over and press her 161 lb. body weight against Vicky’s and go for a grapevine, but she looks content with this dominant position, with her thick legs holding Vicky’s body in place to prevent her from turning or bridging, and with her breasts mere inches above Vicky’s face, threatening to really smother the blonde housewife at will. 

With her breasts mere inches from Vicky's face, Miranda let's Jackie count to ten for the win
As this goes on, sitting on the chair behind the fighters is Jackie, one of Miranda’s friends. You can see her hand as she prevents Miranda’s head from hitting the chair.  Jackie starts the count to ten as Steve still voices his concerns to his wife who is completely trapped under her strong opponent and is in a very bad position.  Steve tries agains to motivate his wife to fight harder: “C’mon honey.  Fight her!! You’re supposed to be stronger than her. Kick your legs! Bridge again! Try to pull her hair. C’mon Vicky, do something, babe. Fight her!! You can’t lose this match, honey.  this is supposed to be your revenge for the draw in the arm wrestling match.  You were winning." All Steve can hear from Vicky is her moans and gasps as she tries to fight of the pin.  

The count begins. "1-2-3…" Vicky is upset and angrily shouts at Miranda: “Get your fucking tits out of my face bitch.” Miranda answers back: “Who’s the bitch now, huh? C’mon. Fight me. Shit! Is that all you got? I said fight me, bitch! Fight!” "4-5-6…" Steve steps in again: “C’mon honey, think about how you almost won the arm wrestling contest. Fight back! You can win this match. Don’t give up.” With a look of desperation, Vicky answers back to Steve. “I can’t! I can’t! She’s got me.” "7-8…" Vicky tries to kick her way out, and can’t bridge as her sweaty feet slip on the mat. She’s exhausted and her strong opponent is becoming too heavy for our desperate housewife. "9…" “Arghhh!!! Fucking bitch. Noooo!!” "10… PINNED!! Miranda is the winner.”  

Miranda stays on top of Vicky for a few more seconds and taunts her: “Don’t ever fuck with a cowgirl, bitch. Remember that. You see, you never won the arm wrestling contest. But I won what counts the most. I beat you fair and square in a real fight. And you’re mine now. Deal with that!” As Miranda gets up to the cheers of her friends, Steve consoles Vicky who lies on the mats, exhausted, upset, drained, disappointed, angry and frustrated, all at the same time as she hides her sweat-soaked face with her hands.

The results are incontestable: Country girl -1, Housewife - 0.

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  1. Very nice story and the illustrations are great! I just discovered your blogs and am looking forward to reading your older stuff too. Thanks for sharing your stories.