Monday, 20 June 2016

Brian's account of his 42-year old mom wrestling a 24-year old girl

My name is Brian and it's my 16th birthday -  My mom is Helen, a 42-year old divorced woman, and she raised me by herself since I was 2 years old.  We're very close and I tell her everything.  I even told her about 2 years ago that I love watching women wrestle and she admitted to me that she actually wrestled other women once in a while at that time.  I asked her many times if I could watch her wrestle other women.  She kept telling me that I was too young and would have to wait until I'm old enough to watch women fight in pins and submission style matches, especially my own mom.  I know that my mom now wrestles competitively at a local club and she often fights for money. When it was time for my birthday gifts, she gave me a card and when I opened the envelope, there was a ticket in it for this weekend's Women's Wrestling Tournament.  I was ecstatic and was happy to finally see women fight in person.  Then my mom told me: "Son, you will not only see women wrestle, you will finally see me, your mom, beat another woman.  I am fighting for money that night and will dedicate my match to you, and you will see how good I am.  I'll even give you the prize money as your birthday bonus."  "Oh my God, thanks mom!  I'll be cheering you on, and I know that you can beat any woman, right?"  "That's right Peter.  I am an experienced wrestler and you'll see that your mom is quite strong.  I was told that I'm going to fight a younger opponent named Tracy this weekend, so she's in for a beating.  She's going to find out what this mom is made of.  I can't wait to fight her and finally show you how good I am!!"

Needless to say, for the rest of the week, I kept picturing in my mind my mom wrestling another mature mom in her 40s in front of a live audience.  I was so excited, I couldn't sleep and kept fantasizing about these women wrestling live.  This was such a turn-on for me!!

I fantasized all week about my mom and another mature woman wrestling in front of an audience

Finally, we arrive at the gym at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and mom tells me to find a good seat close enough to cheer her on.  She has to get ready for her match which is scheduled for about 8:00 p.m.  I'm quite lucky tonight; I find a seat right next to the wrestling mats and I decide to wait there for my mom to show up for her match.  While I wait, I check out the match that is currently going on between a 46-year old mom and a 25-year old girl who looks very athletic.  Hey, this could give me an idea on how well my mature mom can do against a younger opponent.  The match is well underway and both women are very sweaty and fighting hard to win the fight.  I can see that the mom seems to be more in control of her younger opponent.  

Then, to my amazement, I watch the 46-year old mom apply a tight rear naked choke to this younger blonde athletic girl.  I had never seen women fighting live before and cannot believe the sounds that they make when they fight; they moan, groan, grunt and scream.  I can hear both women grunt, especially the mom who is not only choking her victim, but has her legs scissored around the blonde's waist.  The blonde is making strange sounds as she is choking, but she refuses to submit.  The mom keeps the pressure and the athletic blonde is just about to pass out.  I am so excited to watch this that my cock is already rock hard and and I'm trying to hide my bulging crotch stretching my pants.  This is incredible!!  This cute athletic blonde hottie being choked out by a mature mom excites me way too much.  I see the blonde's hands trying to separate the mom's arm from around her neck.  Oh my God!!  Her hands slowly release their hold and her arms fall to her side as the mom keeps the tight hold around the blonde's neck.  Holy shit!!  She just passed out.  The mom chocked out the blonde.

A 46-year old mom chokes out an athletic 25-year old blonde until she passes out

The referee immediately jumps in and tells the mom to release the hold.  As soon as she releases the choke hold and scissors, she rolls the blonde's soft, limp body to its side and off of her.  A doctor arrives to check up on the athletic blonde while the referee raises the 46-year old mom's hand in victory.  Her husband and two cute daughters are right behind me as they stand up and applaud.  I turn around and whoa!!  I wonder if her cute daughters fight like their mom...  They could put on a good match for me.  As for the blonde, they decide to take her to another room so she can recuperate while the fighters for the next match are on their way out.  Based on this match, mature women sure seem to dominate their younger opponents.

For the next match, these two mature women walk in and step on the mats to face each other.  According to the agenda listing all the matches tonight, this is a 47-year old woman wearing a pink bikini wrestling against a 49-year old wearing a black bikini.  In my mind,  I think about my mom and compare her body against theirs.  I wonder if the fight would be more even and competitive for my mom if she was facing one of these ladies.  

Once the match starts, I realize how agressive mature women can be as they don't waste one second throwing each other down on the mats and fighting hard to pin or submit their opponent.  I'm cheering for the woman in black because she reminds me more of my own mom with her dark hair.  But after about 35 minutes of hard wrestling, the woman in pink gets a straddle and face sits her older opponent.  The woman in black kicks, bucks and squirms, but the pin is solid and she is slowly running out of energy.  The referee begins to count to 10, but she has to restart several times as the woman in pink readjusts her ass on her opponent's upper body.  Visibly frustrated and upset, the pinned woman screams out her agony as she knows that she can't escape the pin.  My cock is swollen and throbbing as I watch in amazement the intensity of this fight.  The referee eventually makes the count to 10 as the woman in pink takes this match away from the woman in black.  

49-year old mature fighter is pinned by the 47-year old in a grudge fight for the same man.

When the winner gets up, I'm surprised to see the one in black in tears for several minutes, even when they raise her opponent's arm.  I hear some people close to me talking and I now know why this woman is distraught.  I heard that this was a grudge match between these two tough, equally matched competitors who were fighting for the same man.  The women had agreed before the match that whoever would lose the fight would have to sexually please the winner while that man would watch, then, the loser would have to leave while the winner had sex with the man.  I'm amazed at how much sex is mixed with wrestling.  I do know that my cock is rock hard just thinking about these types of challenges that these woman can make to each other.

As the women leave the room, I admire their amazing bodies.  These are strong mature women who are skilled in fighting and I am impressed at how athletic women can be, even in their late 40s.  I can only imagine how upset the woman in black must be because she is an excellent fighter who thought she would win her man, but ends up losing to the better woman.

Ah!! Finally, the next match is announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is a topless competitive pins and submissions match between 42-year old, 140 lb Helen Nicholson and 24-year old, 137 lb Tracy Stevens in a best 2 of 3 falls match.  Please give them a round of applause as they walk in.”  Yes, that my mom.  What?  Wait a minute!  I wasn’t sure if I heard the announcer correctly.  I lean over to the man sitting beside me and ask him: “Did they say this is a topless match?” He smiles at me and says: “Yes it is kid.  And I’m looking forward to it, because it’s my girlfriend wrestling against this old lady.”  His comment got me pissed: “Hey!!  That’s no old lady, mister!!  That’s my mom!! And she’s the one who’s going to kick your girlfriend’s ass.”  He laughs and turns his attention to the women on their way in.

I turn to face the women walking in and they are both wearing similar black robes.  This is so exciting; my heart is beating 150 beats per minute and I can’t slow it down.  With their hands on their hips in a challenging position, they have a staredown while the referee explains the rules again.

My mom turns toward the audience and she spots me.  She smiles at me and walks to her corner.   I’m staring at my mom a lot more than this 20-something girl who I know will lose 2 straight rounds against her.  I have never seen my mom’s breasts without a bra so this is a strange feeling, and when she opens her robe and slides it down her back, my jaw just drops.  Oh…My… God!!  This is the first time that I see my mom like this.  She is wearing red panties and nothing else, and her body looks magnificent.   Standing barefoot in her corner, her legs, her ass, her entire body is built like a fighting amazon.  Now I have no doubt that she’s going to hurt this young wrestler.  Her opponent is wearing white panties with some kind of gold flower motif design on them.  My mom in red is much sexier than her younger opponent.  Both women do a few warm-up exercises and I can’t help myself.  I am so turned on right now that I can't sit down straight because my cock is too tight in my pants. 

The female referee calls the women to the centre of the room and asks Tracy first:  “Are you ready? “Yes!” Then she asks my mom:  “Are you ready?” “Oh yes!!”  She steps back a bit as she makes it official:  “OK lady’s, wrestle!!”  Both women are a bit cautious at first but my mom looks so confident right now that she exudes sexual dominance over this young chic.  I’ll bet that Tracy must be worried and nervous.  They circle each other, then, SMACK!! The sound of female flesh slapping together is loud.  They grapple for position.  The guy next to me shouts at his girlfriend: “C’mon Tracy!  Take her down!!  Take her down hard!”  She must have heard him because to my shock and dismay, she secures a headlock on my mom.  I can hear both women grunt and groan as my mom tries to shake that headlock but the young woman’s strength surprises me, and certainly my mom as well.  I’m thinking that she must have taken wrestling or grappling in college because she seems to know what she’s doing.  I hear that guy next to me again: “Go for it Tracy.  You know what to do!  Go for the takedown!!”  Tracy glances quickly at her boyfriend and I could see in her face that she was about to make a move.  Her face strains as she takes a deep breath then… 
24-year old Tracy has my 42-year old mom in a headlock.  Notice my mom's arm around her waist. I hear her
boyfriend tell her to "go for the takedown".  She looks like she's going to throw my mom to the ground. 
What??  I can’t believe what I’m seeing.  My 140 lb mom is lifted right off the ground, feet flying in the air, thrown right over Tracy’s back and she lands with a loud THUD on the mat.  And Tracy still has that damn headlock on my mom.  I can't believe what I'm seeing.  I can see mom trying to twist her body, but that headlock is so tight.  I am in complete shock.  My mouth is open as I  just can't understand that this is my strong mature mom in serious trouble against a 24-year old girl.  I have to say something:   "C'mon mom!!  Fight her!!  Don't give!!"  I don't know what else to say.  Poor mom...
Tracy just threw my mom to the ground and has her in a headlock. My mom twists her body but the lock is tight. 

My mom is trying to recover and is shifting her body on the ground when this Tracy bitch immediately gets on top of her and within seconds, she goes for a cross body pin.  Mom fights hard to avoid the pin by twisting her body, but Tracy leans hard on her chest and shifts her weight on top of mom to keep her pinned. 
Mom struggles as she twists her body to avoid Tracy's cross body pin
No!!  No!!  Mom can barely follow Tracy’s power and speed as she now ends up firmly on her back, completely pinned by the younger wrestler.  It"s early in the match, and mom still has lots of reserve, so she kicks and bucks forcing Tracy to readjust her position every time.
With one arm stretched and the other scissored, Mom is already pinned by young busty Tracy
Not happy about mom's squirming, Tracy grabs mom’s left wrist and slides her arm above mom's head.  She misses mom's right arm but then she tries to hook mom’s strong legs.  Oh God!! No!!  She’s got her!!  What's going on here?  Shit!!  Both legs are already hooked.  Mom??  What the...? That was way too quick.  Geez!!  Tracy goes from a cross body pin to a grapevine pin. Shit!!  Both of mom's legs are hooked and her left arm is pinned.  I can't believe what I'm seeing here...

Tracy tries to grapevine pin my mom early on in the match.
I can see mom's right hand trying to pry Tracy's left leg to unhook it from mom's right leg.  Wow!!  I would have never thought that my mom would already be pinned by this 20-something girl.  They've barely started the match.  

Mom is trying to pry Tracy's left leg with her right hand to unhook it from her right leg
I can hear my poor mom struggling.  She looks like she’s in pain as Tracy keeps trying to spread her legs apart. “Arrghhhhh!!  Owwwww!!  My legs, you bitch!”  The guy next to me is on his feet: “That’s it babe!!  Pin her!!  Make her suffer!!  Make her scream in agony until she submits!!" I'm thinking, what an asshole!  That's my mom that he wants his girlfriend to hurt. So, I scream louder: "Fight her mom!!  Don't let her pin you!!  Bridge, mom, bridge!!  Fight!!".  I try to see my mom’s face, but that bitch Tracy has her big tits in the way.  They are bigger than my moms and are pressed against hers.  I wonder if that hurts.  I wonder if their nipples are hard! 

No!  No!  I can see my mom’s neck kind of looking strange.  I think it’s because her head is leaning a bit forward as she tries to fight the pin.  The referee is on her hands and knees looking at my mom’s shoulders and ass.  Oh no!!  She’s tapping hard on the mat and yelling: “one-two-three-four-five”.  C’mon mom!!  “six-seven-eight”.  Mom moans and barely lifts her right shoulder just enough to stop the count.  I can see her stomach breathing hard.  She’s in a bad position and running out of energy very fast.  Tracy leans forward on my mom’s shoulder to pin it on the mats.  “one-two-three-four-five-six” Arrggghhhhh!!!  Owwwww!!  My legs!!” “seven-eight”.  Mom lifts her ass off the mats and the ref stops the count again.  I’m really worried about my mom now.  Will she submit or be pinned first?  Which one is more humiliating for her? 

With her tits pressing against my mom's, Tracy is pinning her while the ref counts.
The women keep moving and sliding in awkward positions as Tracy’s toes really act as hooks preventing my mom from shaking them off of her lower legs.  I see the men looking at my mom’s crotch as Tracy spreads her legs apart.  That must hurt mom’s thigh muscles and must be why mom screams that her legs hurt.  She’s in very bad shape now.  It feels strange though because I’m kind of turned on by seeing my mature mom struggle like this, especially against a younger opponent.  Mom's hand has not let go of Tracy's leg as she still tries desperately to unhook that foot.  She's trying hard but the hook is tight.  Oh, ho!!  The ref is tapping on the mats again.  Geez, my cock is rock hard right now...  “one-two-three-four” “Arrrghhhh!!  My legs!!” Tracy yells at my mom:  “SUBMIT, BITCH??”  “No!!! Noooo!  Owwwww!!” ”five-six-seven” “C’mon bitch, give?” “eight-nine”  “GIVE!!!! BITCH!!GIVE!!!” “Nooooooo!!!!” “TEN – PINNED!!!”

Tracy immediately jumps up and screams “YESSS!!!” as she runs over right beside me to hug her boyfriend.  I don’t know if I should go see mom or stay here, but she’s still on the ground, holding her lower right leg in pain.  She slowly gets up with her head down feeling humiliated by this first round loss and walks over to her corner to sit down and drink some bottled water.  She has a blank stare on her face and I can tell she is very upset.  There are 2-minute breaks between rounds which is barely enough time for her to recover.

The 2-minute break is already over and the referee tells both women to stand up and face each other.  “Alright ladies, it's one fall to none for Tracy. The second fall starts now, and… wrestle!!”  My mom looks a bit worried now, but she is careful not to let Tracy get her in a headlock again.  This time they lock up in a grappling position as each fighter tries to get an advantage.   Again Tracy throws mom on the mats, but this time it was a bit too hard as they keep rolling with mom ending up on top.  Yes!!  I'm all excited as I scream loudly: "PIN HER MOM!! PIN HER HARD!!" 

Tracy throws mom down, but mom ends up on top after they roll around a few times.
HA!!  Nice!!  This is how I want my mom to fight.  She's on top of Tracy now and grabs her wrists as she goes for a pin.  The guy next to me screams at his girlfriend: "C'mon Tracy.  Fight her.  Don't let her pin you.  Bridge!!"  Now my mom is the aggressor.  She's putting all her weight on Tracy who is struggling now...

Mom is now on top and going for the pin as she holds Tracy's arms by the wrists.
I can't stop noticing my mom's ass.  It is so hot.  My mom has a body built for wrestling other women.  Now I know why she loves wrestling.  She's in full control now and looks like she's not going to ease up on the pressure she's putting on Tracy. Talk about getting back at her opponent quickly.  I scream again:  "PIN HER MOM!!  PIN HER!!"   My cock hurts.  I'm going to cum in my pants.  This is too erotic for me to take. 

I keep staring at mom's hot ass.  She has a body built for wrestling.
WOW!!  Mom tries to lock in a grapevine just like Tracy did to her in the previous round.  She only hooks Tracy's left leg though, as Tracy shifts her right leg to the left to avoid mom's other leg.  Mom stretches Tracy's arms way above her head and keeps her weight on the younger wrestler.  That's it mom you can beat her.  Just keep her there and you'll win.  I am so, so turned on now.  I have never felt anything remotely close to this feeling before.  I feel strange though.  Getting a huge hard-on watching my mom fight another woman...  Is that normal?  My mom's tits are pressing against Tracy's now as I hear both ladies moan and groan as they struggle.  Not only her tits, but her whole body is pressing against Tracy's.  I see their stomachs glued together and breathing hard.  I love it!!! "PIN HER MOM!!  PIN HER!!"

Mom hooks Tracy's left leg and holds her wrists tightly as she firmly pins Tracy to the mat.

I look at their legs and my mom's looks stronger.  She sure knows how to hook Tracy's legs with her feet.  It doesn't look easy with her toes curled up and her foot at a bizarre angle.  Yet, there is something very sexy about that.  I think that it's because she's using every part of her body to gain control and immobilize her opponent.  Who cares?  I'm loving this and that's what counts.  Here I stand looking at all these details.  I even notice Tracy's toe nail polish.  Hmmm.   Cute.  That's something that I would have never even bothered looking at before, but that stands out when I'm watching these two women wrestle.  My brain is barely capable of absorbing all of this right now.  Look at Tracy squirm as the two sweaty women slide on the mats, but mom won't let go.  I the see the referee look closer and she immediately starts tapping on the mat.  Yes!!!: "one-two-three-four-five”. "C'MON MOM!!!  KEEP HER PINNED!!!"

Mom has a nice leg hook as she keeps tracy pinned to the mat.
The entire audience is screaming at these women in what has become an exciting and even match so far between a mature mom in her 40s and a young woman in her 20s.  The referee keeps counting as my mom stays on top of Tracy staring right at her face as she breathes hard, but mom is not saying a word, except for her moans and groans. "six-seven-eight".  Now it's Tracy who looks worried as she struggles and strains:  "Arrrggghhhhh!!!  No!!" "nine" "Noooooo!!!  Nooooo!!' "TEN - PINNED!!"
It's Tracy who struggles now as mom stares at her face as she pins her to the mat.

Wow!!  mom just won the second fall.  Amazing!!   It's now even at one fall each.  My mom gets up all excited and runs towards me.  She hugs me with her sweaty body and tits right near my face.  I hug her as well and feel her strong body against mine, which I had never noticed this much in the past.  "Great pin mom!!" She's out of breath as she smiles: "Yeah!!  I got her.  She's tough, but I'm tougher!! Right, son?"   Ah yeah, my mom is quite the amazon fighter.  I can't wait to see her finish off this young Tracy chick now.  She has the momentum.  But I need to wait another 2 minutes for round 3...

After the second 2-minute break, the referee calls both women to face each other in the centre of the mats.  She sets the tone:  “OK ladies, it’s even at one fall each.  The winner of this fall wins the match and the $500 prize. Now fight hard, but fight fair, and… Wrestle!”  As with the other rounds, both women are a bit cautious at first as they circle each other for a few seconds.  Then, once again, SMACK!! The sound of female flesh smacking together is heard as their bodies collide.  They grapple for position.  Again, the guy next to me shouts at his girlfriend: “C’mon Tracy!  Take her down hard!”  This time I jump in:  “C’mon, mom.  You can take her. You’re stronger than her.”  Both women are so focused on winning the match that I bet that they can’t even hear us shouting at them.  Oh no!!  Damn!! Tracy catches mom in a headlock again and tries to twist her head as she pushes forward to take mom down on the mats.  Both women grunt and groan once again as mom tries to shake that headlock. 
Tracy catches my mom in another headlock.
Geez, Tracy is a lot stronger than she looks.  I can see mom’s face turning red from the pressure.  Mom looks like she’s hurting.  Oh no!!  She goes down on one knee.   Oh, I don’t like this.  Tracy leans to the side pushing mom who doesn’t want to end up on her back.  Moms’ neck is badly twisted.  Damn, that must hurt.  Tracy’s wrestling skills come out again as she manages to get mom to fall on the mats.  Then, Tracy immediately moves her legs into a body scissors position. Wow, I can't believe how strong mom looks, yet she's taken down by this smaller 24-year old girl.  I'm in awe looking at mom's legs and ass.  Man, what  a solid body!

Tracy moves to a body scissors position as mom twists her solid body
Mom keeps twisting her body, and ends up face down on the mats so she can try to lift herself.  But before she can do anything, Tracy grabs mom's right arm and forces it behind her back in an attempt to force a submission out of her.  Mom screams out in agony:  “Owwwww!!” as she arches her back and strains her right arm muscles forcing it back to her side in what is now a small test of strength against Tracy.  Mom’s body is now slightly facing Tracy who constricts her thighs, squeezing mom’s stomach as I hear her moan in pain.  Tracy senses mom’s anguish in this submissive position and shouts at her: “GIVE??  Answer me bitch!!  GIVE??”  Mom shouts back in anger: “NO!!  NEVER!! Owwww!! Especially not to you!! Uhhgnnn!!”  
Tracy pulls mom's arm while she secures a tight body scissors hold and tries to force a submission
Mom tries desperately to twist her body to breathe easier as Tracy maintains the tight body scissors hold and rolls over 180 degrees.   So now mom is on her back as Tracy lets go of mom's arm and goes for her neck.  I can see mom trying to control her breathing.  Tracy is squeezing the life out of her.  I don't know if it will help, but I try to encourage my poor mom:  "Don"t give mom!!  Don't give!!  You're stronger than her!!  Fight her harder!!!  You can't lose!".  Who am I kidding?  She had the momentum a few minutes ago and now she's losing the fight.  It's amazing how these fights can urn around in a second.  I'll have to admit that Tracy is a very good fighter.  Sh'e all over my poor mom right now.
Mom controls her breathing as Tracy maintins the body scissors and also goes for the neck

Tracy now releases her body scissors hold, but her hips remain attached to mom, and she simply moves on top and sits on mom’s stomach, then, leans her upper body over mom, completely smothering her.  This is unbelievable.  I scream at her: "Please mom, fight harder!!  Please!!!"  The younger girl is really outwrestling my mature mom in this round.  I really thought that mom would easily win this fight and now she’s being totally dominated like she was in the first round.  Boy, was I wrong about the outcome of this fight!  I guess she won’t win my $500 birthday surprise.  I can hear mom struggling to breathe under Tracy's face and hair as Tracy tightens her arms around mom's neck:  “Mmmmmppphhhh!!!  Mmmmmpppphhhh!!”  Tracy’s annoying boyfriend is screaming at her again: “Pin her!!  Pin that older lady, babe.  She looks tired.  Smother her!!  Finish her!!  She’s done!!”  Ah, c'mon mom!  No.  No.  No.  Please mom, don’t let her dominate you like that.  Damn!!  I look at mom's left hand just placed on Tracy's thigh.  Why doesn't she use that arm?  Wrap it around her waist, pull her hair, anything!! 

Mom is struggling to breathe as Tracy tightens her arm around her neck

Tracy sits back up then slides her crotch up to mom’s chest, straddling her as she works to move up even further for a face sit.  Mom is in so much trouble now.  This is bad, really bad.  The entire room can hear mom scream and moan as she lifts her ass off the ground and bridges.  And I mean she bridges, very high.  Holy shit!!  Look at her go!!  “Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Uggghhhhnnnnn!! Huuuuugggghhhhnnnn!!!  Huuuuggghhhhnnnnn!!”  Mom’s shoulders are off the mats as she stays in this position and tries to push Tracy forward with her hands on Tracy's thighs while Tracy rides her and doesn’t ease up one bit.  The crowd is in awe.  Some are actually applauding mom for her efforts but they are seeing what I'm seeing.  Total humiliation for my mom, the matriarch of our family and home, the woman I look up to. the one who took care of me all my life, now being face sat by a 24-year old.  Wow!!  My strong mom is trying so hard, but the younger girl just won’t give her an inch and stays in control of the match.

My 42-year old mom bridges to lift her shoulders off the mat as 24-year old Tracy rides her.

Man, I never noticed before today how mom’s legs are so muscular, and I look at her round ass when she tightens her muscles with her nice red panties riding up.  I still can’t believe that this is my own mother wrestling, but what troubles me is that seeing her being pinned like this by a younger girl, is such a turn-on that I’ve cum in my pants twice since the match started.  I’m trying to hide this embarrassment, but I’m just too focused on watching the intense struggle and display of incredible female strength, skill and determination happening right in front of me.  Mom has kept her ass in the air for a while now and I don’t know how long she can last. 

Mom's strong legs and round ass work hard as she tries to bridge
I’m thinking that she should try to buck or kick:  “C’mon mom!!  Kick out of the pin!!  Buck her off!!”  This brings back a memory...  I remember seeing a wrestling video where a 35-year old woman was bucking so high that her body was 90 degrees straight up.  She had black panties and such a nice ass and strong sexy legs.  I wonder if mom can do the same.  That would be awesome.  But I also remember that the woman with he black panties ended up losing against her 44-year old mature opponent.
I remember a 35-year old woman bucking so high that her body was at a 90 degree angle

Maybe mom can pull it off.  I had heard that mature women are such tough fighters.  I'm sure that's what mom thinks. "Buck her mom, buck her!!"  She must have heard me.  Mom makes these intense sounds as her legs flail and lift up in the air, as high as she can lift them, reaching almost a 90 degree angle with the mats “Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Uggghhhhnnnnn!!”.  Wow, just like that woman in the video. And then SLAM!!  Her sexy size 8 feet hit the mats very hard followed by her sexy round ass, as both women’s bodies bounce on each other’s.  Wow!  I notice Tracys big tits bounce from the impact of mom’s bucking.  But she stays firmly on top.  Mom goes for another attempt: “Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Uggghhhhnnnnn!!  Her legs are wayyy up, then her knees bend and her body falls back down hard on the wrestling mat with her feet hitting the mat first with a loud SLAM.  Again both bodies bounce off of each other’s with Tracy’s bigger tits bouncing up and down a few times.
Mom's feet slamming back on the mats as she bucks to try to get Tracy off of her
Then, mom’s ass hits the mats and she’s back where she was before she started bridging.  What an erotic display of intense female struggling.  Mom's ass followed her feet and hit the mats as both bodies bounced, especially Tracy's big tits.  I still can't get over mom's thick strong legs.  My cock is still rock hard after cuming twice and is again ready to explode.

After bucking and bridging, mom is still on her back as Tracy straddles her.
Oh, no!!  I can hear mom mutter:  Huuuuugggghhhhnnnn!!!  Huuuuggghhhhnnnnn!!”   That’s not good.  She seems to have burned a lot of energy bucking to try to get Tracy off of her and is out of breath.  Bucking didn’t work and now mom’s still stuck under those 137 lb of young female flesh and muscle.  Mom looks so frustrated, exhausted, hurt and weakened as Tracy holds her down by the wrists, but I know my mom; she is tough, determined and isn’t giving up.  I'm worried about her though.  Look at how firmly Tracy is holding mom's wrists right now!  I notice mom's biceps even with her arms stretched out.  They's big and look strong.  So how can she be losing?

Mom is frustrated and exhausted as Tracy firmly holds her arms by the wrists

Mom slides her sweaty body all over the mat as she attempts to free herself from Tracy who simply follows her by sliding along with her while remaining on top.  They end up close to the wall when Tracy moves up a bit and plants her pussy right up against mom’s chin.  No!!  No!!  Are you kidding me?  Oh, that looks tight!!  Poor mom!!  This must be so embarrassing for her.  She can’t even fight this young chic with big tits off of her body.  I don’t understand it.  Mom looked so much stronger than her opponent at the start, and now she's reduced to a weak prey with her opponent's wet pussy pressing right on her face.  Oh no!  The ref looks at mom's shoulders, then checks her ass to see if it is flat on the mat.  I sure looks like it from my angle.  Mom, dear old mom!!  I feel like crying for her.  I wonder what she’s thinking, she’s 42 and losing to a 24-year old in front of all these people including me, her son who came here for the first time to see her wrestle.   Oh, no!  Here goes.  I can hear the ref:  “Onnnne-twoooo-threeeee-fourrrrr”, do something mom!!  Anything!!  Fight back.  Mom screams loudly as the ref keeps counting: “Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Arrrrggghhhhh!!! Nooooo!!  Noooo!! Uggghhhhnnnnn!! Uggghhhhnnnnn!!”  Oh shit, I can’t believe it.  She’s done.  The ref keeps counting slowly to give her a chance. “ffffivvvve, sssssixxx”.  My own beautiful mother is pinned and losing badly against young Tracy and there’s nothing she or I can do about it.  I look at my mom, the strong woman who raised me and took care of me, now pinned under this girl half her age with her wet pussy shoved on mom’s face.  I’m in total shock: “FIGHT HER MOM!!  SHIT!!  FIGHT HARDER!!”  She heard me: “Arrrrggghhhhh!!! I can’t, son!! I can’t!! Arrrrggghhhhh!!! Fucking bitch!!” The ref is inches away from the women and still counting slowly: “sevennnnn, eightttt”.  Mom’s strong legs kick, but have no impact on Tracy who is smiling as she knows that mom is done.  It’s a matter of a few seconds before the match is over relieving my mom of all this pain and agony of being defeated by the young Tracy.  Arrrrggghhhhh!!! No!!  No!!! Arrrrggghhhhh!!  The end of mom’s agony is near: “ninnnneee, tennnn.  PINNED!!!  Tracy wins the fall by straddle pin and the match by a score of 2:1.” 

My mom is beaten and straddle pinned by 24-year old Tracy as the ref counts to ten.

As the crowd applauds, Tracy remains seated on mom’s face for a few more seconds, just to show her who’s boss.  Mom is quiet, staring at her victor’s eyes with a submissive look of defeat, knowing quite well who the better woman is today and who earned the right to be on top.  Then Tracy grabs my mom’s hair with one hand and her jaw with the other as she states her dominance: “If we were alone, I’d force you to lick me and make me cum.  I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you?”  Tracy slides her pussy against mom’s mouth and nose and moans in ecstasy as the ref pulls her arm and forces her to get of my mom.  “OK!  OK!  Tracy!  That’s enough!!  We all saw you beat the poor woman.  Now leave her alone and get your boyfriend to make you cum, not your victim.”  Tracy slowly gets up with a smirk: “Old mature whores, housewives and bitchy moms like you better move aside for us new breed of tougher women.”  Tracy’s boyfriend finally arrives to hug and kiss her, congratulating her for her strong victory, while completely ignoring poor mom who is still on her back, with both hands covering her face in humiliation.  
Tracy remains seated on my mom after the ref finished the count to further humiliate her

I approach mom as the victor walks away with her boyfriend, and I lean over: “You OK mom?” “Yeah!  I’ll be fine.  Just a little setback, son.  Next time I invite you to watch me wrestle, I’m fighting a woman of my age or older.  And I’m the one who’ll sit on HER face this time.”  Hmmm, okay, I already have an image in my head of two mature moms wrestling, and that’s when I feel my cock harden again…  Problem is that in my fantasy dreams, my mom is always losing her wrestling matches, even against mature women.   But, I'll never tell her that...
I fantasize about my mom losing to other women more mature than her.
In my mind, I'm fantasizing about my 42-year old mom losing as she's being face sat by a 54-year old mom in a catfight...


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