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Brooke’s first catfight overshadows mom’s wrestling match

Brooke’s mom Ellen wrestled in college years ago and still practices wrestling regularly today at a local gym.  In fact, she is quite athletic for a 45-year old mom and a very good wrestler because of her extensive experience.  Brooke's dad loves to watch his wife Ellen wrestle and has admired her physical attributes since the day they met.  He took this recent photo of his wife in a bikini while at their cottage.
Photo of Brooke's mom Ellen taken by her dad,
showing her great athleticism for a 45-year old woman.
Ellen weighs in at 137 lb., is slightly above average as a wrestler and she usually dominates younger opponents with less experience than her.  It is however a lot more exciting to watch her fight mature women of her age range with similar experience than the younger girls. 

Here we see her in a recent wrestling match where she fought and defeated 43-year old housewife Joan, in two straight falls.

Ellen won the first fall with a tight smothering pin over Joan. and the second by submission with an armbar.

45-year old Ellen wins the first fall by smothering and pinning her 43-year old opponent Joan

And she won the second fall by submission, with an armbar.

Ellen won the second fall and the match with this armbar submission in which Joan tapped out 
Well, about a week ago, Brooke’s mom Ellen and her dad James were doing some shopping when this woman who looked like she was in her late 40s, maybe early 50s approached them and got close to Ellen’s face.  Brooke's mom had never seen this woman before.  She starts bullying Ellen by saying:  “So I hear that you’re the woman who wrestles younger girls and beats them up.  What’s your problem, lady?  You think you can make them feel worse?  Give them a freaking break, for God’s sake!!  My daughter came to me last Saturday, all frustrated, telling me that you were a real bitchy fighter who liked to hurt the newbies and never let them win.” 

Brooke’s mom who doesn’t let herself intimidated by anybody, especially by another woman who she knows she can beat, answered back in no uncertain terms: “No, you listen lady!!  I give them plenty of chances and they just don’t give it all their heart.  Besides, its good practice for them and there’s nothing wrong with losing once in a while.  It builds character!  Something you seem to lack!!”  

The other woman didn’t like mom’s attitude and as her face was a couple of inches from Ellen's, she started poking her with her index finger, and she set the challenge by rebutting to Ellen:  “Listen hun, it’s a good thing that I wasn’t there when you beat my daughter, because I’d show you my character and would put you in your place pretty quick.”  

Brooke’s mom was furious and her dad who knows not to get in the middle of Ellen’s business, backed away, while he let the women argue.  Brooke’s mom finally put her foot down: “You think you can beat me, bitch?  How old are you anyway?  At least 50?  If you’re woman enough, I dare you to meet me tomorrow morning at 9:00 at the Sunnyside Beach.  There’s no one there that early and plenty of room for me to throw you around.  Be there and I’ll show you how real women wrestle!”  The other woman was a bit surprised that Ellen actually set a time and place, and she started walking away muttering something that sounded like: “You’d like that, bitch!”

Brooke's mom looked at her dad and said:  “I sure scared her away fast.  She knew what she was up against.  I’d doubt that she’ll show up, but I want to be there.  I’ll show her not to piss me off.  What a bitch!!“

Sure enough, Brooke’s mom is up early this morning looking for something comfortable to wear just in case the other woman shows up at the beach.  She does a few routine exercises, has a light breakfast and tells Brooke:  “You’re coming right?  I want you to see this...  I don’t back down to bullies and neither should you!  C’mon Brooke, let’s go!!”  Ellen is wearing a black top and black shorts; nothing exciting or sexy as Brooke, wearing jeans follows her to the car.

They arrive at the beach a few minutes early and Ellen is pacing a bit.  Brooke asks her mom if she's nervous.  “No, no!!   Anxious is more like it.  I just hope she shows up.  I feel like kicking that bitch's ass this morning.”   As she finishes her comment, she sees the other woman, Janice, along with her daughter Shane, walking up towards Ellen and Brooke.  “Oh, and she brought company!  She wants her daughter to see her beat me.  Yeah!  That’ll be the day!  She'll need her daughter to help her up after I'm done with her.”  Janice is wearing black leggings and a black and red top and her daughter Shane is also wearing jeans like Brooke.

As the other woman gets closer, Ellen starts walking towards her.  When they are within a couple of feet apart from each other, Brooke's mom says: “Let’s do this!!” and they immediately go after each other.  The match is already under way without any warm-up or agreement on the rules.  Not another word is spoken by either woman as they grunt and groan while trying to gain control of the match.  Ellen secures a headlock and judo throws Janice to the ground, getting the first takedown and the top position.  Janice squirms her body to avoid the pin and tries to get on her knees.  Ellen capitalizes on this bad move by wrapping her legs around Janice's waist and taking her back.  Ellen goes for a full nelson as Janice desperately struggles to stay in the match.  Brooke encourages her mom as she shouts out:  "You've got her mom.  Finish her".  The fighters' grunts are quite loud as both mature women battle quite aggressively, but Ellen seems to be in control at this point.

Ellen is in control as she wraps her legs tightly around Janice's waist
while she tries to secure a full nelson/body scissors combination
Ellen is unable to secure the full nelson and Janice slowly manages to twist and turn her body.  She's now turned 180 degrees and is facing Ellen.

Ellen’s legs look very strong and muscular as she tries to secure a pin position.   Janice’s face shows her level of strain as she fights back with her body slightly tilted sideways to avoid being pinned on the humid sand.  The match is very intense and the daughters can feel the disdain and animosity between their two moms.  In a surprise move, Janice manages to wrap her arms around Ellen's midsection and wrap her legs around Ellen's right leg to hold her in place.  This is getting interesting.  Janice is giving Ellen a run for her money.

As Ellen attempts to pin her, Janice surprises Brooke's athletic mom by locking her arms
around Ellen's waist and securing Ellen's right leg by wrapping her around it
Brooke's face show her disbelief as her mom suddenly finds herself in a much tougher match than she expected.  "What are you doing mom?  Fight her!!  What the??  This is crazy!! Unbelievable!!! Mom?  MOM? What the hell is happening here??"  Shane is twitching as she sees her mom turn the tide and outmuscle the more athletic Ellen.  "You go mom!!   Pin her!!  That's it!!  You're winning the fight!! PIN  HER!!"  

Incredibly, Janice is now on top, as Ellen tries to fight back but her feet slide on the sand as Janice settles her body on top of Brooke’s mom who is in total shock and is now losing the fight to this bitch Janice.

Janice is now in control of Ellen as she tries to pin pin her.
Ellen is in shock and was not expecting this outcome at all 
Pinned on her back, Ellen is incapable of escaping the reverse smother pin that Janice is applying while Brook screams at her helpless mom: ‘’Fight her mom!!  Get her off of you!!  Roll your body, bridge, anything!!  Just do something!  Punch her if you have to!!” 

Shane takes offence to Brooke’s suggestion that her mom start punching Shane’s mom and she calls her out.  “Hey bitch, let them fight it out and stay out of it.  It’s their fight, not yours.”  Brooke is pumped with adrenaline and retaliates:  “Hey you, don’t tell me what to say to my mom just because you want yours to win.  There are no rules, so back off bitch.”  

Shane is a tough chick and she just goes after Brooke:  “You want to fight me now?  C’mon bitch, let’s have a go at it.”  Brooke grabs Shane’s hair and the two girls start their own catfight on the grass right next to the beach, while the moms are still wrestling on the sand nearby.  Ellen is firmly pinned and unable to do anything as Janice holds her down and screams at her daughter:  “You go girl!!  Show her what you’re made of.”
Janice holds Ellen in place as Ellen desperately tries to fight her off.
Ellen is firmly pinned on the sand and just lost the fight
as the daughters start their own fight on the nearby grass.  
Both girls are now completely oblivious to the wresting match between their moms in which Ellen appears to have lost, as they go at each other with intensity and aggression.  They grab each other's hair and their bodies are being thrown around until they end up on the grass.  Brooke loses her grip on Shane's hair, but Shane pulls hard on Brooke's hair as she scissors her upper body between her legs.  Her face shows her emotions as she wants to hurt Brooke.

Shane aggressively pulls on Brooke's hair as she scissors her upper body

The daughters scream at each other with lots of profanity as younger girls would typically catfight.  "You fucking bitch.  Let go of my hair!!"  "Make me, fucking whore!!"  Brooke is in serious pain with he hair being yanked manages to slowly get to her knees.  Shane's holds Brooke,s body tightly as Brooke turns 189 degrees and start pulling away.  She eventually slips out of Shane's leg scissors and in a flash, she jumps on her darker haired rival, aiming directly for her face as she straddles her.  Shane angrily screams at Brooke as Brooke tries to silence her by planting her crotch on her mouth. 

Brooke is in now in full control of Shane as she sits on her face while it is her turn to pull hard on her opponent,s hair.  Shane is now pinned and humiliated by the cute brunette.  Brooke can hear Shane's muttering cries "Mmmmmppphhh!! Mmmmmpppphhh!!" but she keeps the pressure and smothers Shane who now appears to be in serious trouble.

Brooke now has the upper hand as she facesits Shane who desperately pushes her arms while Brooke pulls on Shane's hair 
Shane is enraged and upset but Brooke does not give her an inch.  Her screams are still muffled as she cries out "Mmmmmpppphhh!!  Mmmmmppphhhhh!!"  Brooke doesn't even ask her if she submits.  She just sits there, in full control.  

Shane is firmly pinned under Brooke's crotch as she cries out a muffled "Mmmmpphhh!!  Mmmmppphhhh!!"
Brooke looks over at her mom.  Amazingly, she is still pinned by Janice who is now in a reverse facesitting position on top of her.  Ellen is full of sand as she fought hard to escape, but remains pinned by the surprisingly strong Janice.  Brooke shouts at Janice:  "You let go of my mom or I'll beat the shit out of your daughter!" Janice smiles.  "Go ahead, girlie!  I dare you!  I'll beat the shit out of your mom if you do!"  
Brooke thinks things over and make her decision.  She leans over to the side and twists Shane's head between her thighs, then locks in a very tight headscissors hold that has Shane screaming in agony. 
Brooke leans to the side and squeezes Shane's head tightly between her thighs
while still pulling her hair 
Still holding Shane's hair tightly, she tightens her hold and shouts at Shane:  "Tell your mom to back off and get off of my mom or I'll make you pass out."  Shane is in a very bad position as she angrily let's out her frustration "Arrrggghhh!!  Owwww!!  Noooo!!" Brooke tightens her hold and squeezes Shane's head harder as she shouts louder in return:  "Noooo?? Really?? How about now, bitch??" Shane can no longer take the pain and cries out: "Okay!!  Okay!!  Mom? Help me!  Get off of her now!!  Please!!  She's hurting me!  Ughhhh!!" 

Brooke tightens her head scissors hold and
forces Shane to beg her mom to get off of Brooke's mom

Janice looks at how desperate and dominated her daughter looks and decides that this has gone far enough.  "Okay!!  Okay!!   I'm getting off of her!  Now you let my daughter go!!"  As she slowly gets up, she humiliates Ellen even further by pointing her finger at her and telling her: "You're damn lucky that your cocky daughter saved you, bitch.  You know now that I'm the better woman.  I can see now why my daughter lost to you in a wrestling match.  I'm going to teach her how to fight harder and we'll see how your daughter does the next time they meet.  As for you, I have nothing else to prove to you.  You're mine, lady!"  As she stands up, Janice calls her daughter over and walks away.

Brooke checks on her mom to see if she's okay.  "I've never been so humiliated in my life.  She really surprised me with her strength.  Once she was on top of me, I couldn't get her off.  I'm so sorry you had to see that, Brooke."  Brooke smiles at her mom and says: "No worries mom, I got your back.  We should start a tag team and get a rematch.  I kind of enjoyed this adventure.  I think than I'm going to join that wrestling club at the gym."  

And that's how Brooke got started in wrestling...     

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