Saturday, 28 February 2015

44-year old Margot fights 38-year old Jeannie in a private discreet match between two housewives.

Jeannie is a sexy 38-year old brunette housewife and mother of two teenagers. At 5’ 6” and 132 lbs., she is very active and exercises regularly. This weekend, her husband is out of town and the kids are away at their friends’ houses. So, she’s known for a while that she has the house to herself, and has been thinking about fulfilling a fantasy of hers that she’s kept inside for a long time. So, she posted the following text in the personal ad section of a fetish website: 

“Housewife located in Oakland, CA looking for average size mature female to wrestle in private. Must be serious and very discreet. Open to rules and attire, but nothing violent.” 

She received six replies and decided to accept this one:

“In response to your ad, I am also a housewife and I live in Berkeley which is close to you. My name is Margot, I am a 44-year old mother of two. I am 5’ 6” tall and I weigh 121 lbs. I consider myself slightly below average size and weight. I am also discreet and open to rules and attire. Looking forward to a private wrestling match against you.” 

They agreed to meet for coffee on Tuesday at the Starbucks on Broadway Street in Oakland before going ahead just to be sure that both women were legit. They hit it off and decided to go ahead with the match on Saturday afternoon at Jeannie’s house. 

Margot told her husband that she was going shopping and would be back later. Margot arrives at Jeannie’s house at 2 o’clock and they sit on the couch to talk about how this is going to go down. Jeannie tells Margot: “I feel like I’m cheating on my husband. Do you feel the same way?” Margot replies: “No, we’re not having an affair. We’re just two women wanting the same thing. Think of it as a workout. Instead of going to the gym or a yoga class, we’re getting our exercise doing something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time. Besides, if we like it and do it again, we can invite our husbands the next time. I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to see us fight.” 

With those words from Margot, Jeannie gets up and says: “OK Margot, let’s do this. Best 2 out of 3, right?” Margot agrees and adds: “Yeah, and we agreed to fight in the nude. Well, I will anyway.” Margot helps Jeannie move some furniture and pull out some mats that they had in the basement. Jeannie removes her t-shirt and jeans and stands in front of Margot wearing only her bra and panties. “This feels weird. I’ve fantasized about this moment for a long time. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. I want to do it, but naked? I don’t know.” Margot replies: “Here, let me help you.” As she unbuttons her own blouse and removes her jeans. “I’ll remove my clothes, then, if you’re OK with this, you can remove yours.” Margot removes her black bra and panties and stands fully naked in front of Jeannie, her black hair tied in a ponytail: “Well, do you want to fight me now? If you do, take off the rest of your clothes. There’s only you and me here. No need to be shy, dear. Woman to woman, with nothing in the way. I know this is what you want. I can feel it.” Jeannie psyches herself: “OK, I’m ready. I want this.” 

Jeannie unties her bra and removes her panties revealing her curvier physique, and a body that looks stronger than Margot’s, with her 11 lb. weight advantage. Margot looks at her and says: “Wow, you’re in good shape for a mature mom. You’ll be a hard woman to handle. Hmmm, and I see that you don’t shave. This should be interesting.” Jeannie settles down and gets serious: “OK, bitch. Now show me what you’ve got. C’’mon, I dare you. Fight me!” Margot approaches Jeannie and as they do not have any wrestling experience, they lock their fingers together in a test of strength. With their arms extended above their heads and their legs spread apart, they push forward and their bodies smack together, and now their faces are barely an inch apart. They both grunt and groan until Jeannie brings her right arm down, releases Margot’s hand and wraps her arm around Margot’s chest as she trips her and makes her fall on her back, with Jeannie still right on top of her. 

Now they are on the floor rolling around and catballing with their legs intertwined. They fight a close body-to-body match, and after about 30 minutes of tussling with the advantage going back and forth, the smaller Margot now finds herself on top of Jeannie. She then sits up and straddles her. As she holds Jeannie’s wrists, she moves up and ends up sitting on Jeannie’s chest. Margot’s small ass is crushing Jeannie’s breasts as her crotch is merely inches away from Jeannie’s face. Jeannie kicks and bridges, but these 30 minutes of wrestling have taken their toll and she is exhausted. As you can see from the picture, Jeannie the bigger woman, remains pinned, as Margot straddles her. Jeannie desperately tries to grasp Margot’s left breast in an attempt to either squeeze it or pull it to make Margot fall forward or sideways. After about five minutes in this position, Jeannie submits to Margot and is defeated in this first of three falls.

Margot straddles Jeannie to win the first fall as Jeannie grabs her breast in a desperate move.
After Margot's 1st fall win, both fighters are exhausted and take a 5-minute break. When the match resumes, Jeannie is anxious to get back at Margot and take the 2nd fall. So Jeannie aggressively grabs Margot in a headlock and takes her down hard. Once on the ground, Jeannie tightens her hold and spreads her legs to gain leverage, further exposing her moist unshaved crotch. Margot will not submit and tries to fight her off by kicking and bridging. This doesn't work, so Margot moves her lower body closer to Jeannie's and manages to wrap her legs around Jeannie's waist. She then squeezes as hard as she can while Jeannie keeps her headlock firmly around Margot's neck. Both women grunt and moan as this remains a standoff for a few minutes, until both women start rolling back and forth. Both women give and take and at one point, Margot is on top and has Jeannie in a reverse head scissors hold, hoping for a submission, but it isn't tight enough and Jeannie manages to escape.  

Margot locks in a reverse head scissors hold but Jeannie manages to escape
Jeannie goes again for the headlock and takes Margot down hard for a second time. Jeannie feels confident as she tightens her hold, but Margot once again moves her lower body closer to Jeannie's and wraps her legs around Jeannie's waist.  Margot is relentless and slips her head away from Jeannie's arm. With Margot's legs still wrapped around Jeannie's waist, Jeannie twists her body until she now faces her opponent.  As Jeannie tries to pry Margot's legs apart, Margot keeps moving them up towards Jeannie's neck. With Jeannie's arms still stuck between Margot's legs, Margot finally reaches Jeannie's head and puts on the pressure to finish her off.  In retaliation, Jeannie one again grabs one of Margot's breasts and squeezes it as hard as she can in an attempt to make Margot release her tight hold. 

As you can see from the picture, Margot has Jeannie's head wrapped between her legs as Jeannie is on her back, legs spread open and squeezing Margot's right breast in desperation as she does not want to submit again to the smaller, but better fighter. After about three minutes in this position, Jeannie finally submits to Margot and is defeated in this second of three falls.
Margot wins the second fall and the match with this head scissors hold 
as Jeannie grabs and squeezes her breast again
In the end, 44-year old Margot is the winner of this housewives private match against 38-year old Jeannie after two straight falls by submission.

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