Monday, 9 March 2015

Leggy blonde wrestler Vivian fights sexy MMA grappler Lisa

Leggy blonde Vivian is a tall 5’ 11” amazon. Weighing in at 164 lb., she is 32 years old, has a wrestling background and wants to start her own private women’s wrestling club. Eager to learn how to run a fighting studio, she heard about an open day at a local school of mixed martial arts and decides to have a look. To attract students, the school’s owner Frank asks his stunning dark-haired 28-year old wife and co-owner Lisa to demonstrate a few throws and submission holds. At 5’ 8” and 152 lb., Lisa holds brown belts in judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu. She has also competed in a few grappling events. 

During the demonstrations, Lisa, wearing a dojo, calls up a few of the school’s students to show some of the common moves and holds that Frank teaches. She begins the demonstration with a 140 lb woman and proceeds to easily flip her using an ushiro goshi (rear hip throw), and then quickly moves up to secure and arm bar. The woman squirms in pain and quickly taps out. She then tells the audience that size does not matter with these techniques and then proceeds to demonstrate her statement by taking down a 210 lb man with an ura nage (rear throw). She then gets behind him and finishes him off with a combination body scissors and rear naked choke. He tries to grab her muscular arms, but it’s too late. She tightens the hold and he also quickly submits by tapping out.  Vivian thinks that the 210 lb male student took a dive and improvised a bit too much. She calls out Lisa and says that it looked faked and anyway, wrestling is a more effective and intelligent combat sport than judo and even jiu jitsu. Lisa stops the demonstration and walks up to Vivian. “Care to test your comment on me? I’ve beaten bigger girls than you, sweetie.” Vivian replies: “Really? I’ll fight you for real anytime, anyplace, little miss phoney”. Lisa walks away and then turns around to say “Come see me after the demonstration and we’ll work something out. I’d bring you down a few notches right here and now, but I’m not allowed to fight for real because I could injure you. Besides, you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of this crowd.” 

At the end of the demonstration, Vivian approaches Lisa and says: “Well, I’m here, little miss MMA... Where do you want to fight or are you too scared to fight for real?” Lisa says: “You have no idea what I’m going to do to you. Wait until we close the school, and I’ll lock the doors. It will be just you and me, blondie. Oh, and believe me, nothing’s faked.” She turns to her husband and says: “Frank, I don’t want you even near this place tonight. This is personal. I need to show Miss Amazon here what a real fighter can do”. Frank warns Vivian: “Careful what you wish for. My wife can be one mean bitch when she wants. She has beaten men who outweigh her by 50 lbs.” Vivian answers back with a smile: “I’m not surprised. You men always quit before you get hurt. You put two competitive women in the same room, and it’s a totally different ball game. We fight until the very end. Maybe your wife can beat a bigger man with their fake moves, but not a bigger woman in a real fight.” Frank smirks “Yeah, right. Dream on.”, and shuts the door. They wait until he locks the door and then the room becomes awkwardly silent. 

Lisa walks up to Vivian and says, “OK blondie, let’s do this like we mean it. We fight topless, submissions only. I use my judo and jiu jitsu and you can wrestle all you want. And I heard your comment to my husband. Your size doesn’t bother me. You know what? I’ll even use it against you.” Lisa and Vivian strip down to their thongs and face each other in the middle of the classroom. There is a lot of room to move around, so this should be good. “C’mon blondie, let’s do this.” They circle each other and Vivian goes for Lisa’s legs to try to lift her off the ground and on her back. Lisa has seen this move many times and pushes Vivian away. She then grabs Vivian’s right arm and then her neck, and in the blink of an eye, the 5’ 11”, 164 lbs blonde is taken down in a Koshi Guruma judo throw, and she lands hard on the mat. Lisa immediately mounts her and takes control of the match by dominating the bigger blonde amazon early on. 

Within minutes of the start of this fight, Vivian is already in trouble. Lisa attempts variations of arm locks, grappling pins and choke holds but can’t secure any lock or hold tight enough to make Vivian submit. They both fight with passion and intensity for about 20 minutes and on one of the rare occasions when she’s not being pinned, choked, stretched or squeezed, out of nowhere, Vivian sees an opportunity to secure a choke hold on Lisa while she’s on her back. Vivian takes advantage of this situation, moves up and starts applying pressure on Lisa by moving her tall body up, planting her breasts on Lisa’s gorgeous face and tightening a neck hold in an attempt to smother her. Now, in what could be an upset, it’s now proficient MMA grappler Lisa who is in serious trouble. With her breasts firmly pressed against Lisa’s face, Vivian pins Lisa with a combination choke and smother hold. Lisa is strong and aggressive, but she may have worn herself out by expending all her stamina early on, thinking that she’d finish off Vivian sooner. Vivian’s small height and weight advantages (3” and 12 lb.) may have also taken a toll on Lisa’s endurance. Vivian can feel her opponent weaken as she tightens her breast smother even more. Now Lisa can barely breathe and as she tries to fight Vivian off, she is weakening rapidly. 

Tall wrestler Vivian pins MMA grappler Lisa
The picture shows Vivian and her magnificent thick long legs pinning Lisa firmly to the mat, and applying pressure with a breast smother on her gorgeous face. You can tell by the picture that Lisa is just about to lose consciousness. Her sexy body is barely moving and she has just enough strength to submit: “OK. I give. I (cough) give.” Vivian is not a dirty fighter and she immediately releases the hold. She sits on the mat, sweating and breathing hard, but ecstatic that she won this fight against her toughest opponent so far. Gorgeous Lisa is an aggressive, highly competitive woman who hates losing. She remains on her back for several minutes, tears rolling down her cheeks, trying to grasp how she could have lost a fight against the blonde wrestler even with all her MMA skills.

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