Saturday, 24 January 2015

34-year old mom Adrienne wrestles 23-year old sensation Haley in front of an audience

At 5’ 5” and 121 lb., 23-year old lightweight sensation Haley has been on a 7-match winning streak and appears to be unbeatable in her weight class. She was scheduled to fight against Brooke, another strong contender in front of an audience in what was billed as the fight to determine the top lightweight wrestler of this private club. However, Brooke pulled a muscle while training and had to bow out of this match due to a minor injury. Both fighters agreed to a rematch in a couple of months. Given this setback for Brooke, Haley still wants to wrestle tonight and has asked for a volunteer to fight her in what she expects to be a warm-up match for her postponed fight against Brooke. 34-year old Adrienne, a 5’ 6”, 128 lb. mother of two who has fought more often than Haley, but is not a top contender, steps up and accepts to fight Haley as a last minute replacement. Adrienne who would like nothing more than to slow Haley’s rise to the top and stop her winning streak by giving it her all, is expected to do well, but is nevertheless the underdog in this fight.  Haley is slightly smaller than Adrienne, but she trains hard and her toned body shows her firm muscles flex when she fights. 

In tonight’s match, both women are wearing next to nothing with their G-strings, and even if she’s 11 years older than Haley, Adrienne looks and feels just as sexy as her younger toned opponent with her softer curves. The audience seems to be divided about evenly on who they are cheering for. As both women are asked to approach and face each other just before the match is set to start, Adrienne looks a bit nervous while Haley shows off her flexibility with a few warm-up stretches. The referee points out that this is a one-fall, pins and submissions wrestling match with no time limit. Both women agree, shake hands and walk to their corners. Adrienne’s husband Tom is in her corner and gives her a shoulder massage as he reassures her by saying: “You can take her. She only fought younger girls. She doesn’t know what it’s like to fight a real woman yet. You have a lot of drive and determination and you’ve been fighting longer than she has. You deserve to win this fight. It’s your turn to shine and win it one for all the moms out there who would just like to beat those hard body beach girls”.

The referee calls both combatants to start fighting. Within seconds after they start, Haley has Adrienne in a headlock and takes her down to the mat. She’s already in control of Adrienne as she tightens her hold and turns her body on Adrienne’s face to smother her. Adrienne bridges and kicks out of the hold, but Haley doesn’t let go of the tight headlock on her and flips her on her back again. In what appears to be an easy win for Haley, Adrienne recalls what her husband said and garners all her strength to show her opponent and the audience that she’s not going down this easily. She kicks and squirms and pushes as hard as she can until she finally escapes Haley’s hold. She quickly manages to step back to regain her composure. Both women stand up, circle each other again and as they approach each other, Adrienne lunges forward and goes for Haley’s neck. Haley falls back on the mat and you can their flesh slapping together. Adrienne’s moans and grunts are loud as she takes this rare opportunity to fight as hard as she can to stay on top of Haley. Now it’s Adrienne’s turn to apply pressure as she tightens her arm around her opponent’s neck. The crowd goes crazy as both sides scream and cheer for their fighter: “You’ve got her Adrienne! Go for the pin! Don’t let go! Stay on top! Choke her!! Pin her!! Pin her!! “. “C’mon Haley! Get her off! Fight harder! Oh no!! Don’t let her choke you. Bridge!! Watch out for the pin!” Both fighters are completely oblivious to the crowd’s screaming and cheering as each is focussed on the match. Adrienne feels Haley’s body tense up as she tries to get her more mature opponent off of her. 

Adrienne stuns top contender Haley with this smother hold
As you can see from the picture, Haley’s muscular arm is extended as she twists her body to avoid the pin and tries to pry Adrienne off of her and move away. But Adrienne keeps the pressure on Haley’s neck and goes for a breast smother while hoping that she’ll tap out. Adrienne hears Haley talking to herself: “No! Noooo! Shit! I can’t…! Nooo!” Haley can’t believe that a 34-year old mom has caught the young top contender and is seconds away from pulling off a major upset. Sheer determination provides Adrienne with enough strength and willpower to not only keep the younger, better fighter at bay but to actually win the match. Adrienne shouts: “Give?” Haley muffles her response: “Nooo!!” The referee looks closely and asks Haley herself: “Are you OK or do you want to concede the victory to Adrienne?” Haley ‘s screams are muffled by Adrienne’s breasts as she keeps the pressure on. “Arghhhh!! Arghhhh! Nooo! Damn it! OK! OK! Get off of me bitch! I give!! Shit. I can’t believe I just lost to you.” Adrienne lets go and jumps up as her fans scream while others remain silent and in utter shock as the better fighter on paper actually lost today in this stunning upset. So, after only 9 minutes of intense wrestling, 34-year old mom of two Adrienne wins by submission, due to a combination choke hold and smother, against the distraught 23-year old top contender Haley.

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