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Part 1 of three-part story on my mother’s passion for underground female wrestling

Part 1 – The night I caught my mother wrestling another woman in private

I was 19…  My mom was 47.  It was a warm Saturday night in June in the mid-90s.  I remember it as if it happened last week and I will never forget it.  

It was that dreaded time of the year when we cram for our final exams.  On Friday, I told my mom that I was going to spend the weekend over at my buddy Mark’s place to study for our two exams that coming week.  She said fine and jokingly added: “Yeah, my family’s abandoning me this weekend.  Dad’s going fishing at your uncle Reggie’s cottage, your older sister Emily is out of town with her husband Rick and now you’re going away.  Don’t worry kiddo… I’ll find something to do.”

Feeling a bit guilty, I replied “Are you sure mom?  I can come back here to sleep at home if you don’t want to be alone.  Mark lives only four street blocks away.”  She quickly rebutted: “No, no, son, I’m just kidding.  I’ll be fine.  Besides, I need a little ‘me’ time to catch up on my reading and maybe watch a chick flick.  Seriously, I’m okay with this.  It’ll be nice to take a small needed break.  Go to Mark’s and I’ll see you on Sunday.”  That was my hint that she wanted to spend some time alone, which is great.  She was always busy, so I understood her need for some R & R.  So I packed my stuff on my back pack and rode my bike to Mark’s house.

We studied for most of the day on Saturday, and by about 9:30 p.m., we needed to take a break for some time to relax and change the pace.  So Mark pulled out his Super Nintendo game console, but couldn’t find his games.  Turns out his younger brother had taken them and he didn’t know where they were.  “No worries Mark.  I’ll get my games at my place and I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”  So I took my bike and went home.

Knowing that my mom was alone, I thought that maybe she’d be asleep, so I didn’t want to make any noise.  I slowly unlocked the front door, walked in, removed my running shoes and started walking quietly towards the stairs up to my room.  Just as I got to the stairs, I heard some commotion and strange sounds coming from our living room.  Thinking that my mom was watching TV, I figured that I’d go and say hi, but the closer I got, the more I could clearly hear the sound,  I heard some moans, groans, panting and the words “you bitch” in a friendly tone coming from my mom.  Then, I heard another voice, and it sounded something like “You’re pinned.  C’mon Kathleen, fight me or I win.”  I was thinking to myself: “What the fuck is going on?”  I was really curious, so I snuck up to the living room door and peeked to see what the fuss was about.  What I saw will be engraved in my memory until I die!!

My jaw dropped, my heart started pounding hard and I felt a rush of blood going to my brain.  My 47-year old mom was wrestling against another woman on our living room floor.  There were blue mats that I had never seen before and both women were topless and only wearing thong-like panties.  My mom was being pinned by this strange woman.   And my mom was no slouch.  She was about 5’ 4” tall and I’d guess that she must have weighed around 150 lb.  A good portion of this weigh was in her lower body.  What I mean by that is she had thick thighs and a generous round behind.  After this life-altering experience, I was curious about a million things, one of which was, amazingly, her bra size.  I checked later that week and found out she wore a 34C.

I had no idea who the other woman was.  But she was a big woman.  I’d guess about the same age as my mom, mid to late 40s, short blonde hair, at least 5’ 7” and I’d guess around 160 lb.  She had my mom pinned on the living room floor next to the couch.  I pulled out my cheap camera and took a photo.  It didn’t turn out too well, but it captured the incredible sight of my mom, my own mother, in an intense  wrestling match against a stranger.

I took this picture of my mom being pinned by another woman in our living room
I had mixed emotions and felt perverse as this was extremely erotic for me to watch.  I didn’t want to step in, so I hid behind the door and kept watching them wrestle.  Two mature women in their mid to late 40s, wearing nothing but panties, one of them being my mom, wrestling alone in our living room.  I couldn’t even dream up this stuff.  So I watched as the other woman was clearly dominating my mom who was struggling to get her opponent off of her, but being caught next to the couch, on the hardwood floor off the wrestling mat, she didn’t have much room to move.  They both sounded exhausted and even though the match appeared to be friendly, it was very intense and serious.  They were not giggling and rolling around.  They were fighting for real.  From where I stood, I saw my mom’s thick legs fighting off her opponent’s attempts to catch them in a grapevine with her own strong shapely legs.  The other woman had quite an ass as well, and her bare back was quite impressive, so I thought that there was no way my mom could get out of that hold.  Here’s the killer – I was sexually aroused by this incredible display of intense fighting between two mature women but the fact that my own mom was part of it didn’t seem right.  But that’s how I felt…   

Then, of all the silly things that could happen, I suddenly had an urge to sneeze.  I was thinking to myself “Crap. No. Not now.”  I tried to hold it back, but I couldn’t.  So, I sneezed… Ahhh.  Chooo…

“What the…  Who’s there?”  That was my mom in a panicky voice.  Both women stopped moving for a few seconds, but they didn’t get up.

“Ummm, it’s me mom.”

“Shit, what are you doing here?  You’re not supposed to be here!! Shit! Shit! Shit!  Get off of me Gail, my son is here.”

Hah, that was her opponent’s name.  Gail.  My hormones were stirring up inside, coming up with silly thoughts and then debating them in my head: “I think I have a crush on Gail.  What a woman.  But she’s beating my mom.  No she isn’t.  Mom is fine.  They’re having a friendly match.  So she’s winning.  But what about mom?  Mom’s not hurt.  Look at her.  Mom?  No, Gail.  Now I have a thing for big mature Gail.  Stop it.  You’re getting an erection.”

Gail, still on top of my mother, was not ready to compromise that quickly: “Do you give?”

My mom: “No I don’t give.  My son’s at the door staring at us.  Let me get up.  I just need to talk to him.”

Gail: ”Sooo, you do give then.  I’m not letting you up until you submit.  You know how important this match is to both of us.  We’re even at two apiece and I was winning this one.  Just submit, and I’ll let you get up.”

I was thinking to myself, what?  Two apiece?  That means she’s fought this woman four times before.  Heck, I don’t want to be the reason why she’d lose this match.  So I spoke up: “ That’s okay mom.  Finish your fight.  We can talk later.”

My mom didn’t even reply to me.  She told Gail: “Alright bitch, let’s finish this”, as she got right back into action.

I repeat myself by saying that Gail looked like a very strong woman, and she had my mom on her back, fighting hard.  I was actually surprised that my mom had won two previous fights against her.  Even if my mom was losing, this was exciting to watch so I felt that I had to say something:  “C’mon mom.  Fight her.  Get her off.”  These words seemed to motivate my mom to fight harder.  So I pulled out my cheap camera again and took a few more shots of my mom struggling to get Gail off of her.  She was breathing hard and loudly, and her moans, groans and grunts were genuine, passionate and intense.  I could tell that she was giving it everything she had left, but could not manage to get out of the pin:  “Mmph! Argh! Bitch! Nnoo!”

Once she knew I was watching, my mom fought harder to get her opponent off of her

My mom almost got her opponent off of her, but was too close to the couch to roll her over
Gail muttered in a calm voice: “Do you submit?  C’mon Kathleen, you know I’ve got you.  Stop fighting me.  You’re pinned… in front of your son.  You’re going nowhere, honey.  There’s nothing you can do about it.”

I could sense my mom's frustration as she tried one more time to escape the pin.  It was truly amazing to watch her struggle, with her thick legs bridging and bucking, and her hefty body being restrained and held on the ground by another powerful woman.

Again, the moans and groans of both women were, in my head anyway, very sensual, as their sturdy bodies were put to the test.  My mom was agonizing:  “Agrrh! Nnooo! Mmph! Shit!  I can’t!  I can’t! Damn…  OK! OK! I give. I submit. You win this one”.

After struggling for several minutes, my mom could not escape the pin and finally submitted to Gail

Gail slowly got up and walked towards the living room corner to pick up her robe.  I looked at her from behind, and couldn’t help watching her magnificent body, strong legs, firm round ass and big shoulders.  No wonder my mom lost.  But wait…, she won twice against a woman of that size.  Woah!  I need to ask my mom some questions.  There’s no way she could beat a woman like that without being a strong and skilled fighter herself.  I turned towards my mom who was sitting on the floor, sweating, panting, in her panties, hiding her breasts with her hands as she asked Gail:  “Could you pass me my robe while you’re up, Gail?”  Gail put on her white silk robe, but left it untied as she walked back, handing a black silk robe to my mom.  She must have known that I was staring at her, but pretending to look away whenever she was facing me.  The robe covered her breasts, but to me, it was just as sensual to watch her walk in that robe and her panties, than if she was naked.

My mom asked me to turn around while she put on her robe, tied the belt and got up:  “Son, this is Gail.  Gail, this is my son, George.  Gail is one of my wrestling partners.  I’m sure you have lots of questions.  I’ll let Gail change so she can leave and you and I can have a talk.”

As Gail was in the bathroom changing, I called my buddy Mark and told him that my mom wasn’t feeling well, so I’d stay home with her to ask her, er…, I mean to help her if she needed anything.  I told him that I’d call him the next day.  Before he could answer back, I hung up the phone and raced to the door to see Gail leave.

Gail came out of the bathroom wearing a short skirt, blouse and high heel shoes.  Apparently, she was going out after this match.  I helped Gail and my mom roll up the mat, tie it up, and helped Gail carry it over to her car while my mom, still in her robe, stayed at the door.  E both walked back to our house where Gail and my mom had a small discussion about the fight, then they gave each other a friendly hug and as she walked away, Gail said: “Good match Kathleen.  I’m looking forward to our next one…  Let me know when you’re available.  Nice meeting you George.”  Mom closed the door, turned around and looked at me with a smile.  “I guess you have some questions for me, son.  Now that you know what I’ve been trying to keep secret from you and your sister for over 15 years, I’m sure you’re looking for some answers.  I’ll tell you everything you need to know, so get your questions ready.  Want some coffee?  We may be up all night…”

I’m thinking to myself sarcastically, you think so???

I have a million questions to ask.  So, yeah, I’ll take mine dark roasted, 3 creams, 2 sugars… 

Stay tuned for part 2 where I hear details of my mom's secret life in the world of of underground submission wrestling ...                        


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