Monday, 9 March 2015

Gym teachers Sandra and Leanne have a private wrestling match in the school gym after hours.

Sandra and Leanne are both physical education teachers at the Rosemont High School in Sacramento, California. There are three male and three female teachers/coaches in the school’s coed Physical Education Program. While they both excel in all sports, Leanne also coaches both the girls’ basketball and volleyball teams while Sandra teaches swimming classes and handles the floor gymnastics portion on the girl’s cheerleading squad. They are both married with no kids and they have a good working relationship. 

A 32-year old brunette, Leanne is a tall athletic woman at 5’10” and 134 lbs, while 29-year old dark haired Sandra is a bit shorter but more endowed at 5’ 8” and 140 lbs. Alan, the boy’s wrestling team coach is looking for other teachers to attend a regional wrestling tournament this weekend at their school in order to encourage the kids and cheer for their boy’s school wrestling team. Both women agree and show up the next Saturday for the tournament. 

While watching the teenage boys wrestle and the parents and friends cheer on, Leanne asks Sandra if she had ever wrestled before. Sandra answers that she hasn’t but that, if asked, she’d be game to try any sport if it’s safe and the conditions are right. Leanne always enjoyed engaging in some friendly competition and, as she is a bit taller than Sandra and envisions in her mind both of them locked together in a spirited battle. She thinks for a few seconds, then turns to Sandra who’s wearing a tee-shirt and thigh jeans that mold her body, then imagines herself on top of Sandra, holding her arms down and pining her until she submits. 

Leanne is sometimes too direct and without thinking twice, speaks out what comes to her mind. "Would you be interested in a friendly wrestling match against me? Nothing rough or violent, just us two athletic women who never wrestled before testing each others strength and willpower." Sandra is caught off guard and a bit surprised by Leanne’s direct, yet friendly challenge. She had already committed herself by saying that she’d try any sport if the conditions are right. So, now she thinks about this for a few seconds; her firm body pressed against her opponent in a heated battle. “Ok. You’re on. Let’s do this.” As this is their first encounter of this kind, both women decide to keep this to themselves and not even tell their husbands. They decide to tell them that they are going out with their girlfriends for a few drinks, but instead, will meet for coffee and talk about the rules and attire, and then go to the school gym at around 10:00 p.m. when the school is empty. 

They have the keys to the gym and immediately lock the door behind them. They had agreed over coffee to wrestle topless in a pins-only match. They proceed to disrobe revealing two magnificent bodies ready to engage in a fierce battle of power and determination. Sandra wears a black thong while Leanne's thong is white with a colored pattern. Once they are ready, they approach each other, shake hands, smile and Leanne says to Sandra: “May the best woman win”. 

Being new at this, and having seen the boys wrestle, they start in referree postition and try to push or pull their opponent with their muscular legs. Leanne, eager to get this combat on the mat, then opens it up by extending her arm around Sandra’s neck and applying a tight headlock, and then she takes her down. Now on top of Sandra, Leanne applies pressure to her neck and holds her in place, her arm muscles hardening as she doesn't let got. Sandra is in trouble and her strong body is being put to the test by Leanne. Leanne remembers that this is a “pins only” match, so she tries to get on top of Sandra who bridges with her strong legs and sexy butt, and they both roll on the ground, each trying to gain an advantage on the other in a very even fight between two powerful phys. ed. teachers, alone at night in the school gym, in a sexy display of how two consenting female athletes with no wrestling experience can fight. 

After a good 40 minutes of fierce, yet sensual wrestling, Sandra manages to mount Leanne and wraps her strong legs in a grapevine hold around those of the taller athlete who counters with a bridge while making groaning sounds as she tries to get Sandra off of her without any luck. Sandra’s impressive body is now in control of the match and she feels that she can emerge the victor of this tense, yet sexy battle. Sandra tightens the grip around Leanne’s long legs and you can hear both of them making groaning sounds as their bodies are put under tremendous pressure. 

140 lbs Sandra wins by grapevine pin against 134 lbs. Leanne
The picture shows Sandra in her black thong firmly on top of Leanne in a tight grapevine while Leanne bridges high with everything she’s got left, but she can’t get the powerful Sandra off of her. You can see Sandra's muscular legs fully extended and her feet pressed against Leanne's ankles. This is a tight hold with the two magnificent athletes' bodies locked together just as they both envisaged earlier that day. 

Sandra now goes for a finishing breast smother as Leanne is running out of air. You can see Leanne's hands on Sandra's firm shoulders and her left foot arched as she tries to push Sandra to her right. Leanne is now in excruciating pains as she feels that Sandra's legs will pop her knees out in any second. Realizing that she’s caught under Sandra’s muscular body and can’t shake her off, Leanne finally submits and concedes the hard-earned victory to Sandra. They both lie on the ground, on their backs, exhausted, but satisfied that this was a unique experience that they both would do again in a heartbeat. Sandra gets up first and helps Leanne who limps a bit but is fine. They both hug each other and Leanne concedes to Sandra ; “Good match. The better woman won. Congrats to you and your legs” The winner of this hard fought match between two gym teachers with superb bodies, after 45 minutes of hard, intense wrestling, Sandra.

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