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Part 1 of two-part story featuring 38-year old nurse Barbara’s weekend wrestling adventure in San Francisco

Part 1: Saturday - Barbara wrestles against 29-year old corrections officer Jane in a live audience wrestling tournament

Barbara Summers is a 38-year old blonde nurse from Bakersfield, California.  She is married to Terry and is the mother of two teenagers.  At 5’ 7” and 149 lb, Barbara is a big strong woman who enjoys pitting her body against other women’s bodies in friendly wrestling matches.  She has had some difficulties in finding other women interested in meeting her for private wrestling sessions in front of her husband (and her opponent’s).  She has had 6 matches so far and won 4.  Her 2 losses were against the same woman, a 165 lb session wrestler named Vivian who is much more talented and stronger than Barbara. Knowing that Barbara enjoys wrestling, Vivian mentioned that she had entered a private wrestling tournament in San Francisco and that Barbara should also enter her name as a participant. Barbara is intrigued and interested, so she decides to try it out.

On the Friday before the tournament, Barbara and her husband Terry travel 300 miles to San Francisco, just to participate in this wrestling tournament in which 24 women of all ages from California and surrounding states are registered to fight in three weight classes.  When they register in person on the Saturday morning, the women are weighed and measured, and are then placed in one of the three weight classes, lightweight (up to 130 lb), middleweight (130 to 155 lb) and heavyweight (156 lb and above), then they are paired with other women in the same class based on names drawn from a box. The youngest fighter registered is a 23-year old student, while the oldest is a 54-year old grandmother.  Of the 24 women registered, 10 are in the lightweight class, 8 are middleweight and 6 are heavyweight.  The rules on the attire are simple; the fighters can wear a one piece bathing suit, bikini or fight topless. G-strings and thongs are allowed.  Most participants prefer to wrestle topless.  Nude matches are not part of the tournament, but fighters can wrestle nude if they wish, in non-sanctioned matches in individual rooms adjacent to the large tournament room.  The winners of each match move ahead in the tournament while the losers are eliminated immediately and can only sit on the sidelines and watch the other women compete until a final winner is crowned in each class.  At 149 lb, Barbara is grouped in the middleweight class and is one of the heavier women in that class.  This way, Barbara hopes to be fighting against smaller women which may give her an advantage on the ground, especially if she can use her superior weight to pin her opponent.

Barbara waits patiently with Terry to see who she will be paired against.  One of the organizers finally draws her name from the middleweight box and makes this announcement: “The first fighter of this match is Ms Barbara Summers.  It says here that she’s a 38-year old nurse from Bakersfield.  She stands at 5’ 7” and weighs 149 pounds, so she remains the middleweight class”.  The organizer then reaches in the box and pulls out her opponent’s name: “Alright, Ms Summers is paired against Ms Jane Brooks.  It says here that she’s a 29-year old California State corrections officer from Fresno.  She stands at 5’9” and weighs in at 154 lb, so this match is officially entered as our sixth matchup to be held this afternoon.   Good luck ladies.”

Barbara looks around to see what her opponent looks like.  She was hoping to fight against a smaller woman but she's still confident that she'll do well.  She sees an imposing black haired woman walk toward her: “Hi I’m Jane.  You must be Barbara.  It looks like we’re paired for a match this afternoon.”  Barbara is a bit shorter than Jane, but she doesn’t feel intimidated.  Barbara replies casually: “Looks like it.  I’m looking forward to pinning, er, I mean fighting you Jane.”  Jane suddenly turns serious: “Yeah, we’ll see about that.  You’d better bring it if you think you can take me on.”  Although she never backs down from a challenge, Barbara knows she’ll have to fight hard against the tough looking Jane if she wants to move ahead in the tournament.  The organizers take them to a room to face each other in their bikinis and bras for a photo op.
As the photos are taken, Barbara increases the tension.  Hands on her hips, she looks at Jane straight in her eyes and replies:  “Oh, don’t worry about me, woman. I’ll more than bring it.  I'll beat you silly with it.  I can't wait to take you on”.  The husbands jump in between the women and Terry tells Barbara to keep that aggression for the match.  As Jane walks away smirking, Barbara keeps sizing her up and sees that Jane looks like she’s in good shape, which she is because she trains regularly as part of her job.

149 lb blonde nurse Barbara (right) sizes up her 154 lb opponent Jane
It is 2:45 and the match between Barbara and Jane is up next.  There are about 75 people sitting and standing against the walls of this large room.  Barbara comes out of the dressing room wearing a black silk robe that ends about midway across her thick thighs.  To intimidate her opponent and look taller, she’s also wearing black 5-inch high heel shoes as she walks up to Terry and waits to be called up.  Terry gives her a few words of encouragement as she looks preoccupied looking around to find her opponent.  Jane finally walks in the large room wearing a long white skin tight cotton t-shirt that hugs and shapes her body, stretches around her 36C breasts, shows off her curvy waistline, and finally ends just below her relatively large, but firm round ass.  Wearing flat shoes, she talks to her husband while exuding an aura of confidence, which confirms Barbara's inner suspicions that Jane’s going to be a tough opponent for her.

The women are called to step on the mats.  They both get a hug from their husbands and walk up to the center of the room, removing their shoes before stepping up onto the wrestling mats.  They stand in the middle of the room, facing each other as the referee explains the rules.  Barbara is so focused on how she’s going to take her opponent down that she barely understands what the referee is saying.  Then she hears: “OK ladies, go to your corners and we start this match in a couple of minutes.”  Without saying a word, both women turn around and walk to their respective corners. 

Barbara unties her silk robe, lets it slide down and hands it over to Terry.  Wearing nothing more than a black thong, Barbara looks over to Jane who pulls up her tight t-shirt over her head, her 36C breasts bouncing back down a few times as the t-shirt clings to Jane’s hardened nipples when it slides above them.  Shaking her black hair to loosen it up, Jane waits for Barbara to look at her.  When Barbara looks her way, Jane flexes her muscles, showing off her biceps to intimidate the nurse.  Barbara laughs it off and does her own muscle flexing which is not as impressive as Jane's but she doesn't care.  This is a wrestling match, not a bodybuilder contest.

154 lb corrections officer Janes flexes her muscles before the match to intimidate Barbara

149 lb nurse Barbara is not intimidated by Jane as she retaliates by flexing her own muscles
Both women wait impatiently for the referee to get the match underway when Barbara has a sudden reality attack.  Her heart beat accelerates and the adrenalin kicks in.  She looks around as the audience cheers both combatants.  She’s never been so ready to fight another woman as she is at this moment.

The referee shouts: “Ready ladies, let’s get it on!!!” and backs away to give as much room as possible for the women to grapple.  Her heart pounding even faster, knowing that her husband and several dozen people are watching, Barbara cautiously approaches Jane with her hands in front of her, ready to either attack or counter any move that Jane will make.  Then suddenly: “Slap”, the crowd hears the sound of flesh slapping together as they clinch. They push each other and Barbara tries to go for a headlock, but Jane counters and pushes her away.  “Slap”, their bodies collide again and this time, the taller Jane reaches around Barbara’s neck and catches her in a headlock.  Barbara feels her opponent’s arm muscles harden as they tighten around her neck.  She tries to pull away, but Jane tightens the grip.  Just as Barbara tries to reach for Jane’s face with her hand to push her head back as a counter move, Jane throws herself to the ground, taking Barbara down with her and landing hard on top of her while maintaining the head lock. Barbara is on her knees and feels her opponent's weight pressing on her back as she tries to pull Jane's hair in a desperate move to get her off. 
On her knees, Barbara is caught in Jane's headlock and tries to pull her hair in desperation
With over 300 pounds of entangled female flesh struggling on the mats, the crowd hears the moans and groans as the women are now in full fighting mode, with Jane mostly on top of Barbara.  With her headlock still cranked tightly, Jane pushes Barbara on her back and uses her 36Cs to smother her as Barbara tries to bridge out of the hold.  Her nose and mouth buried in Jane’s soft right breast, Barbara can barely breathe.  Jane continues to dominate as she moves her body up and goes for a mount.  She turns sideways and grabs Barbara’s right wrist and stretches it out.  She then releases her headlock and grabs Barbara’s other wrist, shoving it between her muscular legs as she gets ready to go for a cross body pin.

Despite being completely dominated by the younger, stronger correctional officer, our nurse Barbara who travelled 300 miles to be in this tournament is tough and not ready to give up yet.  She squirms, bucks and slides her sweaty body across the mats as Jane stays on top and follows her every move.  Barbara, on her back, pinned, glances at the audience and sees her husband, stunned and visibly dismayed that his wife is being dominated so handily by another woman.  Barbara, humiliated so far by the younger fighter lets out a scream and gives everything she has to escape the pin.  She bridges high and tries to turn to her side so Jane would slide off.  Jane’s body shifts and is no longer covering Barbara’s chest.  Seizing this opportunity, Barbara tries to get up, but is suddenly and viciously taken down by one leg against her upper body, then followed by another and is now caught with her right arm and head between two strong legs as tough-as-nails Jane is too quick and strong for Barbara.  Jane tightens the hold, grinning, she constricts Barbara’s neck between her strong legs.  Barbara bridges again.  She’s visibly hurt.  She’s now in deep trouble.  She tries to twist her body and move her legs closer but ends up in a worse position as Jane keeps Barbara's neck locked between her thighs.  It looks like Barbara is just about to submit any second now.

Jane has Barbara's head locked between her thighs as she tries to go for a submission 
Jane’s husband shouts at his wife to finish Barbara off while Terry is left speechless and in shock.  He thinks to himself: “My God!  I hate seeing the love of my life suffer like that.  That woman is out to hurt my wife, my strong sexy wife.  I have to help her and support her, but I can’t step in to stop this massacre.  My wife always begged me not to intervene”.  Terry clearly hears Barbara’s moans and gasps as she is in agony but won’t submit.  Her face is turning red from the pressure of Jane's strong thighs.  Terry can barely watch as he screams out: “Oh God, no!!  C’mon Barb.  Fight her!!  Don’t give, honey.  Fight harder!!  C’mon, babe.”  His screams are overshadowed by that infamous question that sets up the end of the match as Jane shouts out loud: “GIVE??”  The referee approaches the fighters and makes sure that Barb is not about to pass out.  He asks Barb is she submits.  She mutters “NO!”              

Barbara is totally outmuscled and outwrestled by Jane, as she now stretches her legs and desperately pulls hard on Jane’s hair while she bridges in a futile attempt to escape this tight submission hold.  The crowd appears to feel some empathy for our hapless nurse Barbara as it falls quiet.  They can only hear the sound of flesh slapping together, and Barbara’s body hitting the mat as she bucks, moans and groans.  Jane keeps the pressure on Barbara’s neck even with her hair being yanked very hard.  Jane's strong thighs are devastating as Barbara is totally humiliated in front of her husband and a live audience.  

With tears of despair and frustration flowing down her cheeks, Barbara is choking and realizing that she has lost this match and no other option than to submit to her stronger, more talented opponent.  Still in a bridge position, grasping Jane’s hair with her left hand, Barbara can’t take much more.  Her soft 36B breasts dangerously close to Jane's strong thighs and her legs spread enough for the crowd to have a good look at her crotch, Barbara is in a vulnerable and embarrassing position.  Her moans and groans sound louder:  "Arghhh! Mmph! Owww!"  Her right hand trapped between Jane's legs, Barbara slowly releases her opponent's hair and finally concedes the match to her superior opponent by tapping several times with her left hand on Jane’s thigh.  The ref immediately steps in as Jane slowly releases the hold, sits up and murmurs to Barbara: “No hard feelings, hun.  You’re just not ready for this level of competition.”   This submission eliminates Barbara from the tournament and from any chance of her moving forward and becoming a top contender in this private female fighting tournament. 

Seconds before she taps out her submission, Barbara pulls Jane's hair in desperation
as she bridges while Jane maintains her head scissors hold with her strong legs locked around Barbara's neck
This is such a humiliating loss for Barbara as Jane moves forward.  Barbara can at least take solace in the fact that despite her dominance over Barbara, Jane does not win the tournament. In fact, Jane, a tough 5’ 9”, 154 lb. correctional officer, will lose the next round in a stunning upset against a 5’ 7”, 145 lb. housewife from Oakland and, as a result, will not make it either to the top her class in this tournament.

Terry runs over to his wife, still on her back, staring at the ceiling, as she tries to recover from this embarrassing one-sided defeat.  “Are you OK Barb?”  Her eyes red, hair in a mess, body soaked with sweat, she smiles at her husband and jokes: “Not my best performance, eh dear?  Well at least I get to keep this memento”, as she opens her left hand and shows him a hefty clump of Jane’s black hair.  They both smile as Terry helps his wife to her feet as the crowd looks forward to the next match.

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