Monday, 30 March 2015

Two mature moms settle their grudge behind their cottages in a nasty catfight witnessed by their families and friends

Carol Simmons is a 46-year old mother of two grown daughters.  At 5’5” and 127 lb, she is in average shape but does not go to the gym.  She regularly invites her 18 and 20-year old daughters Amy and Brooke, and their friends over for a barbecue at her cottage on Saturdays. This Saturday, she’s enjoying a good time with her husband Paul, the girls and six of their friends.  As the evening progresses, beer and wine are consumed and the party gets noisier until about 10:00 p.m.

Her neighbor Leslie Johnson, on the other hand, goes to her cottage to relax in peace. She prefers quiet evenings with her husband Jack, their 20-year old son Phil and his wife Jane as they play cards and watch movies. Leslie is 47 years old and she goes to the gym once or twice a week to keep her 5’ 6”, 132 lb body in shape.

These two women have had a few arguments in the past, are competitive and being very different, they don’t get along at all.  It is a sunny Sunday afternoon and Leslie has had enough of Carol’s noisy parties even though her party stopped at 10:00 the night before.  She sees Carol lying in the sun in her bikini listening to music through her earphones, so she decides to confront her.  Her husband Jack is well aware of her temper and tries to hold her back, but she angrily says: “Don’t stop me Jack. I got this. The bitch has it coming.” Leslie walks up to Carol and yanks off her earphones. Before Carol can say a word, Leslie points her finger at her and blasts her: “Listen bitch, I’ve had enough of your drunken parties. Take your barbecues somewhere else for a change. Next time you make any noise, I’m coming over and I’ll slap you silly in front of your family and your stupid guests. Got it?”

As Leslie turns around to leave, Carol sits up: “Are you serious? Our parties never go beyond 10 o’clock just so I won’t hear you whining and complaining, and you still have the nerve to come here and complain in front of my family. Get a life, bitch!” Leslie gets agitated and answers back: “No, no, no. You’re not getting away with this. You’ve had it coming for a long time. I’m not asking, I’m telling you to stop your partying with your noisy brats and their screaming friends.”  

Everybody at both cottages is seeing and hearing what is going on and they are slowly approaching the women as they pursue this shouting match.  Carol gets up in her bikini and goes toe to toe with Leslie.  “Are you threatening me?  You’d better get of my property bitch, or else.” Leslie puts her hands on her hips and retaliates: “Or else what?  You’re gonna beat me up?  I’d like to see you try, bitch. I’ll take you down so fast your head will spin. You wanna try me? I dare you.”  

Carol shoves Leslie by pushing on her shoulders as she answers back: “You want to fight me bitch?  Really?  Let’s do this then.  Right here, right now”. Both husbands start running towards their wives to calm them down. They both turn around at the same time and tell their husbands to back off.  Leslie tells Jack: “Listen dear, no matter what, you don’t interfere.  This is personal.  It’s between that bitch Carol and me.  I need to teach her a lesson.  I’m dead serious.  Now, I’m telling you only once.  Back off”.   Now Carol looks over at Paul and her two daughters: “For once, the stupid bitch is right. We need to settle this once and for all, and only one of us will decide when this fight stops. The one who wins… Now you can cheer me on girls; your mom is about to kick some ass”.  

The women walk towards an open field as everyone follows them.  Both women are barefoot as they stand on the grass. Carol is wearing a blue printed bikini as she faces Leslie who is wearing a brown halter top and blue skirt.  The families stand around as the two irate and furious mature wives and mothers circle each other in what will be a nasty catfight.  Glazing in each other’s eyes, arms extended and fingernails acting as claws, the tension is high as the families can only watch and cheer as their family matriarchs use the most primal way to settle their score… they fight it out.  

Carol’s daughter Amy starts shouting: “C’mon mom, you can take her.” Jack counters by cheering his wife: “C’mon Leslie. You’re stronger than her, babe. Show her who’s boss.” Brooke jumps in:  “No, No.  We know you’re stronger mom.  Take her down”.  Then suddenly, both women lunge forward as their bodies smack together, and the fight is on.  Carol goes for Leslie’s waist and tries to take her down.  She pushes forward but Leslie sprawls.  Leslie then reaches for Carol’s neck and goes for a reverse headlock as they both fall to their knees.  The grunts and groans are loud as each matriarch has to prove herself superior to her rival in front of her husband, family and friends.  The ladies use all their might to gain the upper hand.  Leslie finally pushes forward and gets on top of Carol.  She tries to wrestle Carol’s arms down as her legs are fishing for a grapevine.  Leslie’s son shouts: “You got her mom, pin her. Pin her hard.”  Paul finally gets to speak: “Get her off Carol. Watch her legs, don’t let her pin you, honey.  Bridge, pull her hair to the side.”  Carol pulls Leslie’s hair and manages to roll her to her side.  Now both women are catballing to the screams, cheers and shouting of both families.  They take turns getting on top of each other as this even and passionate match intensifies, where a slight mistake by either mom could spell disaster for her.  With their pride at stake, both mature ladies don’t give an inch.

Leslie manages to get Carol’s back, then wraps her legs around Carol’s waist in a body scissors as she tries to lock in a neck choke while Carol grinds away at forcing Leslie’s arms to open up.  Leslie moves her legs further up towards Carol’s rib cage and tightens them as Carol lets out a painful scream: “Arghhh! Owww! Ughh!” Leslie shifts to a rear naked choke and Carol is now caught and in serious trouble.  Her daughters Amy and Brooke scream at her: “Oh God, mom.  Don’t give.  Squirm. Twist your body. C’mon. Fight her mom”.  Jack leans over and gets on his hands and knees to be closer to the action as he cheers and coaches his wife Leslie: “Keep your legs locked, babe. That’s it. Don’t ease up. And tighten that neck choke.  She’ll give. You got her, honey. You got her.” Carol twists and turns her body, then bridges as Leslie keeps the pressure on her with her legs scissoring tightly around Carol’ helpless body.  Carol tries to grab Leslie’s hair from behind but just can’t reach far enough.  With Carol’s arms now extended, Leslie releases her choke hold and quickly goes for a full nelson.  “Arghhh! Mmph!”  Carol is now grimacing in pain as Leslie stretches her bikini body with a combination full nelson and body scissors.  Leslie is totally dominating her hated opponent at this time, and as she maintains her combination hold, she rolls her body and Carol can do nothing but follow, ending up face down on the ground.  Carol turns her face sideways as she’s pressed hard against the dirty grass.  She feels the 132 lb. of Leslie’s fighting fury as her breasts are flattened on the ground and the dried grass is prickling through her bikini top onto her soft breasts.  Carol’s bare stomach is getting scratched and she is eating dirt while Leslie keeps dominating her.

Carol’s husband would like to jump in to stop Leslie from inflicting these painful holds on his poor wife, but he knows very well that the fighters gave strict orders not to interfere. Carol’s daughters are screaming: “C’mon, mom. Get up!! Do something!! Anything!! She’s beating you. You can’t let her win like this.” Leslie leans her face close to Carol’s ear and blurts out angrily: “Give bitch? I’ve got you. You’re mine and you’re going nowhere.”  The onlookers can sense Carol’s anguish in her voice as she cries out. “No!! Ugh!! Never, bitch.  I won’t give.” Leslie then rolls both ladies around while she keeps her tight body scissors and full nelson firmly locked.  Both women are sweating profusely under the hot sun as Leslie is on her back still applying this submission combo while stretching and arching poor Carol’s battered body.  Carol plants her feet on the grass and bridges but her feet keep slipping. She squirms and wiggles her body in a desperate attempt to slide out of this combo hold.  Carol manages to turn sideways and you’d think that her shoulders are about to pop as her body is severely contortioned by Leslie’s tight body scissors and full nelson.  The combatants’ bodies are becoming more slippery with sweat, allowing Carol to slowly and painfully slide out of the full nelson.  She now turns around and faces Leslie who still has her legs wrapped around Carol’s upper body.  

Carol can finally do something as she pulls Leslie’s hair sideways. Leslie’s legs loosen their grip just enough for Carol to slip and back away from her rival to her daughters’ screams and applauses.  But before Carol can get on her feet, Leslie aggressively lunges forward and Carol falls on her back.  She raises her legs up as Leslie is about to get on top of her and somehow manages to grab Leslie’s left arm.  With her legs in the air, Carol uses them to push Leslie away, still holding her arm.  Leslie falls on the ground and to everybody’s total and utter shock, Carol moves her legs up and secures, of all things, an armbar.  But this is not Rhonda Rousey. Her astonished husband Paul looks at their daughters and says: “”Where the hell did your mom learn a move like that? That’s amazing.”

A stunned Leslie tries to bridge and squirm out of this surprise submission hold that came out of nowhere as Carol holds her opponent’s wrist and starts bending her arm back to pop her elbow.  Jack is still in shock as his wife goes from total domination to being caught in a solid submission hold in this sudden reversal.  He shouts to Leslie: “Pull away, honey. She’s gonna break your arm. Pull harder Leslie.” Leslie fights back and her face shows how much pain she’s enduring as she struggles to free herself from Carol’s surprise move.  “Oww. Ugh! Shit. Let go of my arm bitch.” Carol is completely exhausted but won’t release her hold as she knows that she can force a submission out of her tough opponent. “Give bitch, and I won’t break your arm.”

As the families and friends scream and shout at both moms, this moment is very pivotal and personal. Leslie was beating Carol a minute ago, and now she’s caught in a tight submission hold.  Leslie does not want to lose this fight against Carol in front of her husband, son, daughter-in-law and her rival’s family.  Carol, in her blue bikini, is lying down on the grass, prying Leslie’s arm as Leslie struggles to pull away. Carol now in control, yells at Leslie: “GIVE? You’ve got five seconds to give or I’ll yank your arm and break it at the elbow. Now give bitch. C’mon, GIVE!! I said GIVE!!”

In a stunning reversal, Carol catches Leslie with an armbar and makes her submit
Jack knows his wife is caught and has to submit if she wants to walk away uninjured. “She’s got you Leslie. She’ll hurt you if you don’t submit, honey. You had her but she’s tough and you got caught. Let it go, babe. No sense in getting hurt.” Leslie, very upset by this turn of events cries out: “Ok! OK! Dammit!  I give. You win. Let go of my arm bitch.” Carol lets go of Leslie’s arm and lies down on the tall grass as her ecstatic husband and daughters join her. Meanwhile, Leslie is still on her back, tears rolling on her cheeks and rubbing her sore arm as Jack consoles her.

This settles the grudge.  Carol can still have her parties up to 10:00 p.m. and Leslie will have to endure the noise and not complain to her rival neighbor. Indeed, a sunny Sunday afternoon to remember…

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  1. too bad they didn't strip down to bras and panties to catfight nice bodies