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Part 2 of two-part story featuring 38-year old nurse Barbara’s weekend wrestling adventure in San Francisco

Part 2: Sunday - Barbara wrestles against 32-year old Andrea in a private nearly nude hotel room fight in front of their husbands

Overview of Part 1: 
Our 38-year old blonde nurse Barbara from Bakersfield travelled 300 miles with her husband Terry to San Francisco to participate in a private wrestling tournament between 24 women from California and surrounding states.  Barbara, a mature wrestler at 5’ 7” and 149 lb. was placed in the middleweight class and paired against 29-year old Jane, a California State corrections officer and a tough opponent at 5’ 9” and 154 lb.  Jane completely dominated Barbara and forced her to submit, thus eliminating any chance of her moving forward in the tournament.

Part 2: 
After Terry helped Barbara to her feet, she went to the dressing room to take a shower and get ready to go back to her hotel room.  While Barbara was in her dressing room, she was approached by 32-year old Andrea Pearson, another black haired woman who fought as a middle weight and had also been eliminated that day, and also humiliated by a 38-year old rich housewife from Beverly Hills named Candice who flew in from Los Angeles and whose husband is an executive who paid a wrestling and grappling coach to train her for this tournament.  She was a lot stronger than she looked and appeared a bit overqualified for this amateur tournament. Just as Jane dominated Barbara, Candice was all over the 5' 6", 153 lb. Andrea who despite being a big strong woman with killer legs, was no match for the trained fighter who was 5’ 7” but at 138 lb., she was 16 pounds lighter but deceivingly strong. In the end, Candice won the match with a devastating grapevine pin over a stunned Andrea and then moved on to the next level of the tournament.  The pic below shows the finishing grapevine and you can see the size differential with the smaller woman pinning her heavier opponent. 
138 lb rich housewife Candice with the winning grapevine pin over 153 lb nurse Andrea
Andrea explains to Barbara that when the announcer introduced her earlier that day, she was still hanging  around to see who was paired up and when he called Barbara's name, she overheard him state that she was a nurse.  Andrea tells Barbara that she is also a nurse, but from San Jose, and she asks her how long she is staying in San Francisco.  Barbara replies that she's staying until Monday to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing with her husband.  Andrea had just seen Barbara lose to Jane.  She mentions that despite her loss, she thinks that Barb showed a lot of heart, spirit and determination. Barb jokingly shows Andrea the wad of black hair that she pulled from Jane’s head just before submitting to her.

Just like Barbara, Andrea is also a submission wrestling enthusiast who enjoys pitting her body against other women’s bodies but has difficulties finding other women interested in meeting her for private wrestling sessions in front of her husband Rob.  Other than today's loss at the tournament, Andrea has only had 3 private matches so far and she won 2.  Her only loss was against a female body builder who was all muscles and power.  She did not enjoy that match mostly because her hard body opponent fought and felt like a man.

Andrea and Barbara seem to hit it off, so Andrea asks Barb point blank if she would be interested in having a private wrestling match in her hotel room before going back home.  After her embarrassing loss against Jane, Barb is a bit hesitant, but figures, why not, as they are both in San Francisco and opportunities to fight other women in private don’t come around too often.  Andrea remind Barbara that she also lost and one of these two nurses will go back home with at least one win.  They both agree to meet the following night (Sunday) at the hotel where Andrea and her husband Rob are staying, because she brought some foam mats (just in case she'd find an opponent at the tournament) and, by moving the two double beds aside, the room is large enough to accommodate a couple of female fighters rolling around and tussling.  Andrea gives Barb her coordinates and they agree to meet Sunday night at 8:00.

Barbara leaves the dressing room and tells Terry that she just met another woman who wants to fight her in a private hotel match on Sunday night.  Not surprising that Terry is ecstatic.  He loves watching his wife fight and looks forward to every one of her matches, which has so far only been about 2 or 3 times per year for the last two years, but now, twice in the same week?  He asks Barb if she's OK with fighting again after her loss to Jane.  Barb compares this to their son who’d fall of a bike and would need to get right back on.  With that in mind, Barb is eager to fight again and Terry can’t wait to see her in action again.

The following evening, Barb and Terry arrive at Andrea and Rob’s hotel room at around 8 o’clock.  The room is all set with the mattresses leaning against the wall and some grey foam mats placed in the middle of the area.  Rob offers his guests a drink and the two couples discuss the terms of the match.   The women decide that it will be a pins and submissions match, best 3 out of 5 falls.  As they are in private, in a hotel room, away from home, Andrea suggests adding something special as she looks over to Barbara: “I’ve never done this before, but would you consider wrestling nude? Well, almost nude.  My hubby Rob loves to see me wearing nylons.  So how about just garter nylons that go up to our thighs, and nothing else?  Our husbands know what we look like naked. You know, they see our naked bodies just about every day. And I don’t know why, but tonight feels like a good time to do this. At least once in our life... You look like you have nothing to be ashamed of.  There won’t be any annoying thongs or bras holding us back, but the sheer nylons give our thighs a better grip.  So, what do you think? Are you game?”  Barb looks over at Terry and smiles: “Well honey, what do you think? Do you want to see the two of us wrestle nearly naked?  But you can only look at my body, not hers. Right?” Terry’s face turns red as he knows what he wants to see, but has to be careful at how he explains this to his wife: “My love, you already know my answer. I’ll support whatever you want to do. There’s only the four of us, all consenting adults, in a private setting. I say go for it.” Barb looks at Andrea and says: “You’re on. Let’s do this.”

It is obvious that Rob and Andrea had discussed this in advance as Rob is totally silent and is in full agreement (Duh!!) with what the women decide to wear. Rather than just undressing on the spot, both women agree to remove their clothing in the bathroom and return wearing a robe to be removed just before they fight.  The couples also agree that for the first round, one of the men would be the referee while the other is allowed to coach his wife. Then, for the second and if needed, the third round, and so on, the men would switch. They flip a coin and Terry is the ref for the first round. Barb goes to the bathroom first, and comes back after a few minutes wearing a purple satin robe that ends about four inches above her knees and she’s wearing black sheer nylons. Then, it’s Andrea’s turn. She emerges from the bathroom wearing a black silk robe that is a few inches shorter than Barbara’s and that shows off Andrea’s thick strong legs. She wears white sheer nylons.  As you often see when women wear nylons, this is not a catfight.  It is a friendly, but competitive (and sensual) wrestling match between two powerfully built nurses of similar size and weight, with the added touch of having their husbands participate to a certain extent rather than just sit and watch.  Also, to add a bit of edge, both women lost badly at the tournament and this is the opportunity for one of the nurses to redeem herself tonight. 

The women step up to the middle of the room and face each other, on each side of Terry as he makes the announcement. “All right everyone.  On my left, wearing the black robe, all the way from San Jose, at 5' 6" and weighing in at 154 lb., the beautiful black-haired Andrea.  And on my right, wearing the purple robe, from Bakersfield, at 5’ 8”, and weighing in at an even 149 lb, my gorgeous sexy, blonde wife, Barbara.  Ladies, will you approach each other please.” Both women stand about a foot apart with Rob massaging Andrea’s shoulders, as Terry explains the rules: “OK, ladies, this is a best 3 out of 5 wrestling match, so no dirty tactics like scratching, punching, kicking, gouging or even hair pulling. To win a fall you must pin your opponent to a count of ten or make her submit to you verbally or by tap-out.  Do you have any questions?” Both ladies reply “No.”  Terry now says the words that make mortal men melt: “Ladies, please remove your robes, so we can get this semi-nude wrestling match under way.”  Both women untie their robes and let them slide down, revealing two voluptuous bodies with legs to die for, about to collide any second now.  Being taller, Barbara looks a bit slimmer than Andrea, but they are a good matchup as these pics of their bodies can attest.

Barbara's 5' 7", 149 lb body
Andrea's 5' 6", 153 lb body


Round 1:
Both Rob and Terry step back a bit to give as much room as possible for their wives to grapple and Terry asks the women individually if they are ready.  They both say “Yes” and shake hands.  “Alright ladies, it is time.  You are both amazing women who fulfill our dreams and you both look incredible.  This will be an awesome match. May the best woman win! Ready, set…, fight!!”  The women immediately go after each other as each tries to take her opponent down to the mat.  As the combatants move around, the men are but a few feet away following each move their wives make.  Rob coaches his wife Andrea: “Grab her neck. That’s it. You got her, babe. Get that headlock. That’s it. Now tighten the hold and lean your body to force her down. That’s it. You’re doing great, honey. Now, flip her on her back. Trip her if you can. Watch out for her left arm. Push harder. Harder! C’mon, honey. You got her.”  As both women go down with a hard thud on the mat with Andrea on top, Rob shouts: “Yesss.  Perfect move my love.  Now grab her left wrist”.  Andrea grabs Barbara's wrist as tightly as she can keeping Barbara’s face smothered under her left breast.  This is déjà vu for Barb who got caught in a similar hold the day before.

Barb tries to bridge as Rob tells his wife: “Spread your legs wide, honey. Then keep them straight at the knee to gain leverage.  Now push with your legs. She’ll roll on her back.” Barbara tries to escape the pin, but Andrea pushes her and, as expected, she rolls with her back firmly on the mat with Andrea now holding her head tightly between her armpit and her breast.  Barbara feels like she’s fighting against two opponents as Rob keeps giving Andrea some good wrestling tips every time Barbara comes close to escaping a hold. “Now keep her head smothered, babe. Grab her right arm. That’s it, grab it. Now get it between your legs. You’re doing great. Tighten your legs, and keep that arm in there. Now go for her left arm and stretch it out. That’s it. Stretch it.” Andrea follows her coaching husband’s instructions and again, as expected, Barbara now finds herself pinned under Andrea’s weight as Rob just helped Andrea set up a cross body pin. 

Terry is lying on his stomach, inches away from the women, looking closely at each and every move, and waiting for both his wife’s shoulders to be flat on the mat at the same time. Barbara bridges, bucks, kicks, then, she turns sideways as she tries desperately to get her 153 lb. opponent off of her chest.  Andrea moves and adjusts her position away from the cross body pin and is now in a full body press.  She pushes on Barb’s upper body and Barb is on her back, pinned, both shoulder blades flat on the mat.

Following her husband's coaching tips, Andrea holds Barbara's wrist as she pins and smothers her
Barbara twists her lower body is sideways as she tries to avoid the pin.  Terry feels bad for his wife, but has to start the count: “One-two-three”.  Barb lifts her left shoulder off the mat.  Rob is on the opposite side of the combatants, inches away from his wife, on his stomach as well. “C’mon honey. Stay on top. That’s it. If she bridges, slide closer to her stomach.  Keep her arms locked straight above her head.  That’s it, babe. You’re doing great. Don’t let her turn sideways. Watch the bridge.” Both women moan and groan as they struggle hard, but with her husband seeing Barbara’s every attempt to escape, Andrea counters whatever Barbara does.  Barbara is becoming tired and frustrated of being pinned, with Andrea’s weight on her chest. Terry starts again: “One-two-three-four…”.  Barb bridges, but not high enough as her shoulders are both still on the mat. Her feet slip on the mats, so she can’t get a good enough grip to bridge higher. Rob shouts to his wife: “You got her babe. C’mon Andrea. She’s almost done. Stay on top, honey. Stay on top. Move up just a bit.  Get your crotch right on top of her breasts.  That's it.  Perfect.  She can’t get her shoulders off.  Stay in that position, my love.  Lock it in.  That’s it. You got her, babe!  You got her!”  Terry keeps counting: “Five-six-seven…” Barb fights as hard as she can to lift Andrea off of her chest: “Arghh! Mmphh! Nooo! Arghh! Nooo!” Rob keeps motivating and cheering his wife: “You got her babe.  Don’t move.  She’s pinned.  You got this.  You’re awesome, honey.  That’s perfect.  She’s done.  Just a few more seconds Andrea!  Hold her there.” Terry slows the count just a bit, hoping his wife can catch a break: “Eight- Niiiiiine, C’mon Barb.”  Andrea's breasts are right on Barbara's face and her naked crotch is pushing against Barbara's chest, exactly where Rob tells her to be.  Barbara is now totally pinned by her 153 lb opponent and is unable to escape: “I can’t! Nooo! Arghh! Shit!”.  Terry has no choice but to finish the count: “Ten. PINNED!!! The first fall goes to Andrea”.

With the help of her husband coaching her, Andrea pins Barbara to win the first fall
A thrilled Andrea jumps up and hugs Rob as a disheartened Barbara lies pensive on her back, breathing hard, with sweat beads rolling on the side of her breasts. Terry tries to console her: “It’s only the first fall, honey. We’ll even the score in the next round. I’ll help you like Rob did. We’re a team, right?” Barbara smiles and gets up slowly while Andrea guzzles down some bottled water as her husband dries out her sweaty curvaceous body with a towel. The women take a five-minute break to recuperate, and the men change their roles.

Round 2:
Rob now asks the women to gather in front of him: “Okay ladies, the first fall went to Andrea and she needs two more to be declared the winner. If Barbara wins this fall, then we’re even again and we’ll be down to a best 2 out of 3. Now good luck ladies on the second round. By the way, you’re both gorgeous, breath-taking women.  Ready?  Set… Wrestle!!”  Terry starts off being a bit aggressive as he tells his wife: “C’mon Barb, go for her legs. Go! Go! C’mon. Go! You can take her down this way. What are you waiting for? I’m telling you, go for the legs. Geez!”  It’s not the move Barb would have liked to make, knowing the size and power of her opponent’s legs, but she tries anyway thinking maybe that her husband would know how to coach her well as the match progresses.  Barb lunges forward, wraps her forearms around Andrea’s thighs and tries to lift her.  But the 153 lb. female nurse standing on those mighty legs is not an easy target to move.  Barbara tries to lift Andrea, but Andrea immediately sprawls and backs her legs away.  Barb ends up on her knees. In a counter move, Andrea puts her arms around Barb’s chest and holds her down, keeping her on her knees.  Barbara sprawls, spreading her legs and lowering her body in a wide stance to prevent Andrea from flipping her onto her back.  Andrea then moves forward and quickly wraps her thick strong thighs around Barb’s lowered head. She locks them tightly together and rolls to her side.  Barb’s body follows and she is now on her side, caught in a tight reverse head scissors.

Terry tries to figure out how to help his wife get out of this predicament: “C’mon Barb. Pry her legs apart from the ankles.” Barb’s arms can barely reach Andrea’s ankles and she’s running out of air fast, as Andrea’s massive thighs are constricting her neck.  Barb is now turned on her back, her head between Andrea’s pythons and both hands grasping Andrea’s thighs. She bridges, very high, but Andrea simply follows Barb’s body movement by rolling with her. Barb is completely caught in Andrea’s vice grip and in serious trouble. 

Terry is completely useless to her, as he simply shouts: “Fight her! Don’t give! C’mon, get out of those scissors. It can’t be that hard, Barb. You just started the second round. Turn your head to the side then, squeeze out.” Barb can barely move her jaw, let alone her head as Andrea keeps the immense pressure: “I can’t. I can’t move my head. Shit! Arghh!  I shouldn’t have gone for her legs Terry. I’m stuck.” Barb tries desperately to twist and turn her body, then pull her head out, but Andrea’s thighs are like a snake that won’t let go of its prey. Andrea shouts out: “GIVE?” Barb is silent. Terry gets on his knees, close to the action and tries to see what his wife could do to escape Andrea’s massive thighs. He’s speechless… Andrea speaks out again: “GIVE? There’s no way I’m letting you go. C’mon woman, submit.” Barb bucks and kicks hard in frustration as she is simply trapped and cannot free herself no matter what she tries. 

Still not helping his wife's cause, Terry speaks again: “Don’t give, honey. She’ll get tired. Hold on.”  Meanwhile, Barb is having problems breathing and blurts out a final desperate cry as her body literally jumps as she wails: “Arghhh! Shit! Nooo! Mmph! Huh! I can’t believe! Ah! Arghhh!.” Terry adds to her misery: “That’s it honey, fight her off. You can get out of this. You can…” Barbara suddenly screams back at Terry: “Shut the fuck up, Terry!! It’s your fault that I’m stuck like this. Can’t you see? Shit!! I can’t fight her like this. Her damn legs are too strong.” Andrea patiently, but firmly asks again: “GIVE? You’re going nowhere, Barb. You know it, I know it, Rob knows it. It’s just your husband who screwed up and thinks you can fix his mistake. Now GIVE, girl.” Barb moans quietly: “Shit! Shit! Shit!  Dammit!” 

In a last ditch effort, Barb twists and contorts her body so her legs are close enough to Andrea's head to allow her to secure a double head scissors hold.  Just as her legs are about to wrap around Andrea's neck, Andrea releases her scissors and pushes Barbara away.

Barbara is upset and absolutely wants to take this round on her own.  She lunges at Andrea's neck and finally secures a tight head lock as both women are sprawled on the floor.  Finally, Barbara is in control for the first time in this match, but she’ll need to do more for Andrea to submit.  Barbara cranks up her hold and Andrea’s head is pressed tightly just below her right breast.  Andrea grabs Barbara's left wrist as she tries to lose the tight headlock. 

Barbara is finally in control of Andre with this tight headlock
Terry gives Barbara one of his poor tips: "Keep the pressure, Barb.  Arch your back.  It'll tighten the hold and choke her.  She'll give.  You'll see."  Barbara arches her body and the neck crank is working, and Andrea looks like she's about to submit.  With Barbara's body arched this way, Andrea finds an opportunity to counter by sliding her right leg from behind, under Barbara's torso, as she moves her body closer, against Barbara’s and then she extends her left leg above, then across Barbara’s body.  Like a snake attacking its prey, Andrea quickly clasps her size 8 feet together and squeezes her strong legs as hard as she can.  Barb screams in pain as she senses the pressure across her chest, but she won’t let go of her headlock.  Once again, Terry's coaching has placed Barbara in a bad position. 

The women are intertwined and locked in this position for a few minutes as none of them will give in.  Who will submit first?  Again, Terry tells his wife hold on to her lock.  But Andrea's tight leg scissors are stronger than Barbara's arms.  Andrea slowly manages to turn Barbara's body in a position that allows her to squeeze Barbara's soft waistline.  This also allows Andrea to slip away from Barbara's headlock.  Barb tries hard to keep the headlock secured, but Andrea's strong legs are winning this battle.  Andrea is stuck under Barbara's 149 lb body, but her strong legs are the key to winning this round as she has them locked so tightly that Barbara just can't escape.  Barb bridges making her situation worse:  "Arghhh!  Ooow!.  Shit!"  Barbara moans in agony as she tries desperately to hang on to her headlock.  Even lying under Barbara's body weight, Andrea is now in control and with her face still caught in what's left of Barbara's head scissors, she muffles that important question:  "GIVE?"  Of course, Terry shouts:  "Don't give Barb!  Hang on, babe."  Angrily, Barb snaps back: "Are you shitting me??  Easy for you to say.  You're not the one trapped between these legs.  She's so strong."  To prove that point, Andrea squeezes her legs even harder as Barbara is hurting.  "Mmph! Arghh!  I can't fucking believe I'm losing again."  In agonizing pain and without any way to escape, Barbara reluctantly screams out:  "Owww!  I give!  I give!" 

Even caught under Barbara's headlock, Andrea wins the second round with this leg scissors hold

Andrea releases her hold by spreading her legs apart as Barb rolls on to her side holding her stomach in agony.  

Andrea is very happy with the win, but doesn’t feel as ecstatic as she did in the first round, because of the mood change. Barbara is very upset and pushes Terry aside as he tries to comfort her: “You’re a good husband Terry, but a lousy coach, you know. I think that if I make it to round four, I’ll let you sit on the couch and watch, so I can fight my own way.  And by the way, you thought that I could escape those legs?  Can't you see that I've been trying to stay away from them.  Did you see the size of those things?  They’re like tree trunks. I bet you your next paycheque that Andrea would kick your ass in a wrestling match.” 

Rob and Andrea feel bad for both Barb and Terry.  They talk to each other for a minute or so and Rob announces that for the rest of the match, the guys will sit on the couch and the ladies can fight on their own merit.  No coaching, no referee, no cheering and especially no technical tips.  The two men will sit down, shut up and watch their two magnificent amazon wives wrestle a one-on-one match using their own skills, determination, bodies and minds. With no ref, if it’s a pin, the woman on top gets to count to ten.  Barbara is happy with the announcement that the men do not get involved.  Woman against woman, no forgiveness, no excuses for a loss...  That’s how both women want this match to be settled.

Round 3:
The ladies are now ready for the third fall.  It’s now 2-0 for Andrea, so Barbara needs to step up her game.  With the men sitting on the couch, quietly admiring their loved ones circling each other for a few seconds, the match gets back in full swing.  Finally, Barb gets the takedown and is surprisingly already going for a grapevine pin, but she can’t lock in her legs. Andrea pushes up with one leg and manages to roll her over and is back on top.  Frustrated, Barbara grabs some of Andrea's hair as she tries to roll her off.

Andrea reverses Barbara's pin and is back on top as Barbara pulls Andrea's hair in frustration

Barb fights hard as both women are now embroiled in a more even, but very intense match. The third round goes on for a full twenty minutes of fighting back and forth as each combatant applies full nelsons, head and body scissors, headlocks and some tight pins on her opponent.  But as the round progresses, Andrea’s python legs start to take a toll on Barbara’s stamina.  Barbara starts to look a bit worn-out and drained of her energy because she has worked so hard in the first two rounds and now in this one, to free herself time and time again from Andrea’s powerful legs.  Andrea manages to get on top of Barbara again and senses that her opponent has weakened.

Sensing that Barbara is weakening, Andrea pins her to the mat as Barbara tries to bridge

Andrea goes for a full body press and musters every ounce of her 153 lb. of female power to try to finish off her weakened opponent.  Barbara desperately tries to bridge as she pulls on Andrea's hair.  Andrea wants to win this fall badly as she grabs Barbara’s left hand and pries her fingers open to release the hair pulling.  She succeeds and forces Barbara's arm over her head.  As she’s done so many times in this match, she makes maximum use of her incredible thighs by pressing them together like a nutcracker around Barbara’s rib cage.  Barbara knows she is down 2-0 and is now losing this third round, but it’s not the same feeling as what she went through the previous day.  Although she's frustrated, there is no animosity towards Andrea as she felt against Jane.  And although she’ll never admit it to Terry, Barbara is actually sexually aroused by this nude wrestling experience with Andrea.

Andrea’s incredible body is built for this type of wrestling and once again her crotch is pressed against Barbara's breasts, as her huge python thighs squeeze Barbara’s mid-section, at ll tis while she’s being pinned.  With no coaching, Andrea is now completely dominating Barbara whose face shows that she appears to have given up any hope of escaping this tight combination pin and body scissors.  Meanwhile, the room is eerily silent, except for the odd moan and groan from these two exhausted warriors.  Andrea looks down at Barbara and starts the final count to ten.  “1-2-3-4-5-6-7.” Needless to say, Barbara is now completely exhausted, pinned and caught between Andrea’s awesome thighs.  She can barely fight back as Andrea finishes the count, but giving Barbara every opportunity to fight back: ”…c'mon Barbara  fight me. 8-9, c'mon Barbara, 10. You're PINNED!! I win!!!”  

Andrea crushes Barbara's ribs as she pins her and counts to 10 to win the match 3-0

Andrea jumps up as she emerges victor by a score of 3-0.  Barbara gave it all she could in this match, but Andrea is too much woman for her to handle, especially with those strong legs of hers. Interestingly, the fact that these two women wrestled nearly naked seems secondary to the entire episode. Although wrestling naked is an erotic and sensual experience, the focus of this epic battle was the wrestling, not the nudity…  Well, that’s what these two women are saying anyway…

Barb asks for a rematch which Andrea graciously accepts.  Besides, it’s only 100 miles between Bakersfield and Fresno.  Although our nurse Barbara lost both her wrestling matches this weekend, she recounts all the emotions she felt and found the experience totally exhilarating.  Win or lose, she’d do it again in a heartbeat…

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  1. Excellent post I really enjoyed the two part nature of the story as well as the fact that despite getting trounced again this match wasn't as seemingly mean spirited as the last one. While I do enjoy a good bad mannered beating I also enjoy a match between two friendly competitors.