Monday, 19 January 2015

42-year old mature wrestling coach Joan wrestles 22-year old grappler Sarah

A mother of two teenagers, 42-year old Joan is 5’ 6” and weighs 136 lb. She has been wrestling for 25 years because she likes the competition and it’s a great way for her to meet other women who appreciate this sensual sport and to stay in shape. In her 40s, she is still an active member of the Greater Los Angeles Underground Female Wrestling League and she even coaches and trains some of the newer members on the basics of female wrestling. 22-year old Sarah who is single, is 5’ 6” and weighs 132 lb.  She was on her high school wrestling team and also did some grappling, and she really misses the thrill of fighting. She wants to keep on wrestling and was told about this exclusive female wrestling league. As soon as she saw what it was about, she signed up as a member because this is exactly what she wants to do. 

Joan attends the next wrestling session on Friday night to meet other members and to test her skills. As she walks in, she witnesses a good match between two mature women, Martha and Jackie, with about 12 other women cheering them on.  She notices women coaching these wrestlers and helping them by suggesting various holds either to gain an advantage or to escape a hold by the opponent.  Once the match is over, she walks over to Joan and introduces herself, offering her assistance to help coach because she has some wrestling experience. Joan tells her that she needs to prove herself before taking on a coaching responsibility. “You just joined this league right? Well, I’d like to see if you’re any good before I even consider you as a potential coach. Do you want to have your first wrestling lesson from me tonight?” Sarah replies: “OK, I’m here to learn as well as coach so I’m sure you can teach me a few moves.” They agree to a one-fall submission wrestling match just to test Sarah’s skills against veteran Joan’s. They dress down to the normal wrestling attire, which is topless, and proceed to the centre of the room. 

All the women gather around to see the veteran Joan teach the newbie a lesson in wresting. They start off slowly just to feel each other out, and then Joan goes for a headlock and takes Sarah to the mat as the women cheer her on. Joan appears to have the edge when Sarah starts to show off her technical wrestling skills which surprises everyone, but mostly Joan. After about 20 minutes of intense wrestling, the young Sarah starts to gain momentum over the mature wrestler Joan, and manages to trap Joan’s head between her legs, applies pressure downward, grabs her arm and pulls it towards her as she locks in an arm bar submission hold in this stunning upset as Joan grimaces in pain, but does not want to submit to a younger fighter, especially in front of her own trainees.  The crowd cheers and screams for Joan to escape, but Sarah knows what she’s doing as keeps the pressure on Joan’s arm.  Sarah asks Joan in a calm voice: "Ready to submit?"  Joan grunts out: "Ugh! Nooo! Nooo!  Arghhh!  Shit! Nooo!"  She's thinking to herself how embarrassing it is to lose a wrestling match against a young rookie in front of the women that she coaches.  Joan is now is serious trouble and may have to submit before Sarah dislocates her arm.  
Joan suffers humiliating defeat as she submits to young Sarah
As you can see from the picture, Joan's facial expression shows how much pain she's enduring, while her opponent, young Sarah appears quite relaxed as she waits for Joan to submit.  After nearly a minute in this submission hold, Joan yells out: "Owww!  Ugh!  I give.  I give.  I submit!!"  Sarah releases Joan's arm and lifts her legs as a choked and visibly upset Joan rolls over in pain.  There's an eery silence for a few seconds, then the women standing around applause as young Sarah showed the veteran coach that she has what it takes to teach the other women in this league how to wrestle and grapple.  A humiliated Joan gets up, shakes Sarah's hand and raises her arm in victory to the cheers of the other women.         

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