Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dirty fighter 128 lb. Lara wrestles popular sexy 137 lb. Hayley

In an 8-girl wrestling tournament, the oldest fighter is Lara, a 29 years old brunette, is 5’ 7” and weighs 128 lb. She has limited experience, but is surprising everyone in this tournament by winning against bigger girls. She is very tough and some girls who lost against her say she fights dirty. Lara says that she fights to win, but stays within the rules. Hayley is a sexy, popular 22–year old rising star who is a solid talented wrestler at 5’ 6” and 137 lb. She has everything going for her; looks, talent, strength and the body to back it up. Lara and Hayley have not lost yet and have made it to the semi-finals. Both are eager to win this tournament and will give everything they have to make it to the top. They are so close to reaching their goal and a loss would be devastating to either fighter. 

Interestingly, popular fighter Hayley is wearing a white bikini bottom, while mean girl Lara is wearing black. It’s almost good against evil in this epic matchup. A large audience has showed up for this fight and the vast majority are cheering for Hayley. They start off in what is a very even match that grows in intensity as any mistake by either fighter could quickly spell a loss. They are fighting back and forth for about 15 minutes, and Hayley seems to be the aggressor. At one point of the match, Hayley is on the edge of the mats. 

Hayley is on the edge of the mats as Lara tries to pin her
Hayley thinks that the ref will stop the fight if she slides off, and then make them resume in the centre of the mats. This mistake costs her the match, as Hayley tries to slide over, Lara grabs her neck, pulls her head towards her down and manages to secure a tight, devastating headlock that becomes a chokehold as she keeps Hayley pinned on her back, off the mats, on the hardwood floor.  

Hayley still thinking that the referee will stop the match is caught off-guard and is now in deep trouble as she struggles to free herself from Lara's tight hold. Hayley tries to push Lara off of her, but Lara increases the pressure.  The referee doesn't stop the fight because the rules in this tournament are that both fighters have to have their feet off the mats. It's too late for Hayley as Lara has taken advantage of this situation by staying on the mats while keeping her lock as tight as she can. 
Lara locks in a tight headlock as Hayley is off the mats
The crowd screams for Hayley to escape. Twist, bridge, kick, anything…  Hayley is losing her focus and as you see in the picture above, she’s trying to get Lara to loosen her chokehold but she can't reach to pull Lara's arm away. Lara doesn’t ease off the pressure and our sexy rising star Hayley is stunned by this turn of events, and close to suffering her first loss of the tournament. Tough girl Lara keeps pouring on the pressure and the younger Hayley is unable to move to get back on the mats. As the crowd is still screaming for Hayley to fight back, she quickly realizes that she can’t escape and must finally submit before she passes out. The mistake cost her a shot at the title as the winner in this upset is the older, lighter and unpopular fighter Lara who now moves on to the final round.

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