Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Undefeated lightweight club champion Shannon takes on Spanish guest, wrestler Carla

Shannon, a 5’ 6” 135 lb. married brunette has recently been declared the champion of a private woman’s wrestling club in Los Angeles, in which she has been a member for the last 2 years. She is an aggressive fighter who lost a few matches in the beginning when she first joined the club, but has improved her skills significantly, to the extent that she’s been undefeated in her weight class (middleweight @ 125 to 140 lb.) for the last year or so. This amounts to 14 wins in a row. She even won a recent club wrestling tournament of this popular weight class, which established her as the club’s current titleholder. About 20 members participated in that tournament and she emerged undefeated. 

One of the club members, Sofia asks the group if her cousin’s wife Carla, who’ visiting from Spain, could attend one of the club’s events. According to Sofia, Carla wrestles in Europe and would like to compare the talent and wrestling styles. The group agrees and is interested in hearing what Carla has to say about her experiences as a European fighter and how she would do in a North American wrestling match. As current titleholder, Shannon adds that she wouldn’t mind wrestling Carla if only to show her why she’s the club’s champion. 

The following weekend, Sofia brings Carla along. Carla is actually from Barcelona and she speaks English with a bit of an accent, but has minor problems communicating. She is 5’ 5” and weighs 129 lb., so she’d be in the club’s middleweight class. After witnessing a few matches between club members, Shannon approaches Carla and asks her if Sofia had spoken to her about a little friendly match against the club’s champ. Carla says yes, but she adds: “You know, European female fighters are better than you Americans.” Shannon feels insulted by Carla’s remark and challenges her to prove her theory: “Really? You think you can come here and beat me, the current champion? I haven’t lost in a year, my dear. And I’ve got 14 straight wins, hon. So, what’s your record?” Carla casually responds: “I lost my last two fights, but it was against women who fight like, um, how do you say? Olympians… They are very technical fighter. You are good fighter, but not technical. I show you how to fight.” Shannon turns to the club members: “Can you believe this woman? She thinks she can come here and tell us how to fight. Maybe we’ll teach you a few moves instead. Oh, now I can’t wait to show you that we can fight and we have technical skills.” With a serious grin she tells Carla to get ready to fight: “C’mon, girl. Show me your skills. I can’t wait to show you mine. I’ll even give you a technical advantage. We’ll wrestle in a submissions-only match.” 

By then, all the club’s women who were there stood around these two combatants and were eagerly waiting for the match to get under way. Shannon and Carla both remove their clothing very quickly, down to their panties as they are quite anxious to get started and prove to their opponent who’s the best wrestler. Shannon is ready to go as Carla is still removing her jeans: “C’mon bitch. Let’s see you take me.” As soon as Carla throws her jeans behind her, Shannon lunges forward and goes for a head lock in an attempt to take Carla down quickly. She manages to flip Carla who then falls on her back, but continues to roll with the momentum, bringing Shannon with her and ending on top of Shannon. 

The other women in the club are already cheering for Shannon to show this outsider why she is the club champion. Shannon still has the head lock, but Carla is quite flexible and she wraps her legs around Shannon’s waist, then, tightens them like a vice. Shannon screams in pain and releases her headlock to pry Carla’s legs apart. As Shannon is sitting astride Carla trying to separate her legs to release the body scissors, Carla quickly moves her legs upward, right around Shannon’s neck, and then she locks them tightly in a scissors hold. Carla then proceeds to bring Shannon down by simply lowering her legs to the ground while maintaining the tight neck scissors. Shannon now finds herself arched on her back with her head caught firmly between Carla’s small but strong thighs. Carla then grabs Shannon’s right leg and holds it in place as she immobilizes the hapless club champion, and waits for her to admit defeat to this outsider by submitting to her. As you can see from the picture, Shannon is in a bad position with her neck severely arched backwards as her head is trapped between Carla’s thighs, while Carla holds her in place by grasping Shannon’s leg, preventing her from moving or kicking out of this hold. With her neck stretched as far as she can endure, Shannon tries desperately to separate Carla’s legs with her left hand, but has no leverage in this compromising position. 
Club champ Shannon humiliated by European tourist Carla
Carla’s superior wrestling skills are proven here as she maintains full control of the match. The women watching this match are shocked to see the best fighter of their club losing badly to this outsider tourist from Europe. They shout at Shannon to fight harder, but she can barely move. After more than a minute in this position, Shannon knows than she cannot escape Carla’s hold, and with her head caught and nowhere to go, Shannon taps out with her right hand. With all the shouting and screaming for Shannon, Carla does not hear or see the tap out so she does not release the hold. Shannon starts to panic and painfully screams out: “I submit. I give. I give. You win.” As she is facing opposite Carla, Shannon’s screams are ignored by Carla. The women step in and tell Carla: “Stop! Stop! You win. Let go of her.” Carla immediately releases the hold and gets up while Shannon lies on the mat emotionally drained and visibly shocked by her loss.

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