Monday, 19 January 2015

41-year old executive Sharon fights 45-year old housewife Diane in front of her husband

Big blonde Sharon is a 41-year old business executive in a large corporation. At 5' 7", she's a 156 lb. alpha-female who loves to wear tight skirts and dresses that show off her strong firm legs. She also always wears high heel pumps, even with jeans. She's single because she doesn't have time to deal with a relationship these days due to her heavy workload. She does however have a fetish to wrestle against other women whenever she can on weekends in order to release the stress and tension of her demanding job. Her opponent tonight is Diane who is a bit older at 45. 

Diane, a housewife and mother of three, is married to Jim. Diane loves to wrestle in front of her husband because she knows that this excites Jim, and every time she wrestles, their sex later that night is always off the charts. So, Diane is excited and pumped to wrestle Sharon in front of Jim. The blonde Sharon arrives at Jim and Diane's house wearing a skintight short blue dress and her 6-inch pumps. She is intimidating and looks like a strong opponent. Diane's body is not as firm as Sharon's, but she weighs a bit more at 158 lb. She is no slouch, having won 11 of her 16 matches so far, most of them against other housewives. The women set the rules as a submissions only wrestling match, and Jim is not allowed to interfere in any way, but can cheer for Diane all he wants. Sharon unzips her dress to reveal her sexy black bra and thong, and then she removes her shoes to stand face to face in front of Diane. Diane wears her lucky red panties and bra. They stare at each other for about 30 seconds, then Diane calls out Sharon:  "Are you ready to fight me, bitch?"  Sharon replies: "More than that, hon.  I'm ready to humiliate you in front of your hubby."  Diane retaliates: "I don't think so, blondie.  I've beaten a lot of women who thought they could take me.  And I'm not going to disappoint my husband.  In fact, I'm going to pleasure him by taking you down a notch or two".  Jim jumps in: "C'mon ladies, are you going to talk or fight?"  

Diane immediately lunges at Sharon and they go all out, rolling back and forth and applying headlocks, scissors, pins, and whatever each could throw at her opponent in an intense battle between the tough business executive and the horny housewife.  After about 20 minutes of hard, intense, sweaty wrestling, they are both on the floor and Sharon's killer thighs catch the brunette Diane in a strong headscissors hold.  Diane struggles and she looks like she's in trouble.  Her aroused husband Jim urges her: "Don't give babe, don't give.  Fight back.  You can't lose to her".  Diane's face is squeezed against her own shoulder by Sharon's powerful legs.  Sharon puts on more pressure and squeezes harder as Diane's face is turning red.  Diane can't escape and is now in a very painful hold. She tries to bridge but the scissors are locked tight and Sharon keeps the intense pressure.  Diane is so focused on withstanding the pain and figuring out how to get out of the hold that she can't hear her husband shouting: "C'mon, honey.  Fight harder.  Try to squeeze out.  Oh God, c'mon Diane.  I can't watch you lose like this."  Diane's face shows the extreme anguish as she grimaces in pain.  Diane can't take it anymore and finally taps out on Sharon's thigh with her right hand. But alpha-female Sharon keeps the pressure on and tells Diane: "Say it, girl. Cm'on, say it. I'm not letting go unless you say it". Diane cries out "OK. I give. I give. You win." Sharon lets go and rolls away while Diane stays on her back, completely exhausted, covering her sweaty face with her hands.  Needless to say, although Diane lost to Sharon, the sex with Jim will be intense, but not before Jim gives her a neck massage.
Diane on the verge of submitting to Sharon's killer thighs
The picture shows Sharon applying her tight head scissors hold on Diane after she tapped, but just before she verbally submits in front of her husband who, despite her wife's loss, is sexually turned on. The winner of this match is Sharon, by submission due to an impressive tight headscissors hold, after 26 minutes of intense wrestling.

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