Tuesday, 20 January 2015

56-year old Pam wrestles 40-year old Jane in fight between blonde mature lightweight moms

Jane is a 40-year old mother of two teens who keeps her 5’ 6”, 123 lb. body in shape through aerobics and pilates. She wants to try other types of exercises and has joined a yoga class at a local private gym. Halfway through the first session, during a break, she walks up to the instructor Andrea and tells her that yoga is a bit too relaxed for her liking. Andrea reacts with a smile and replies to Jane: “If you want something more intense, stick around after the yoga class. A few of us have taken up a sport that relieves even more stress than yoga.” Jane is sceptical, “My aerobics class is pretty intense. There is not much that can beat it. Is it Zumba?” Andrea laughs and answers back, “You’re not even close. It’s wrestling”. Jane is surprised by Andrea’s answer, “Wrestling? No way. I take aerobics, I’m in great shape and my cardio is good. Aren’t wrestlers like big women who roll around? There’s no exercise in that.” Andrea quickly responds to Jane’s incorrect perception. “Hey! I wrestle. Do I look fat to you? Stick around later and try it at least once. Then we’ll talk again.” Jane is now curious to find out more about wrestling and stays after the yoga class. 

After the group leaves, eight women remain, including Jane. Andrea locks the door and the women gather around her. She introduces Jane to the group and asks her if she is ready to try wrestling one of the ladies in the room. She tells Jane to pick anyone. She looks around and sees Pam who looks slim and appears to be the oldest person of the group, and she says “I’ll wrestle her”, thinking that she can beat an older woman. Andrea says “That sounds like an even matchup. Pam, are you ok to wrestle against Jane?” Pam is a 5’ 6”, 119 lb. 56-year old mother of three whose skin is aging but who wants to look younger than her age by highlighting her hair blonde. Andrea volunteers to be the ref and she suggests that the match be pins only because Jane is new at this sport and there are no risks of injuries plus there are less technical moves than submission wrestling. Andrea adds, “Oh, and we wrestle topless here. I assume that you don’t have a problem with having your breasts exposed to these other women, right?” Jane agrees and both women remove their yoga outfits revealing Pam's yellow thongs while Jane's are black. 

The two mature moms walk up to the middle of the gym and face each other, topless and barefoot, seconds away from engaging in a wrestling match. Jane is now quite excited at the prospect of fighting another woman in front of an audience of women. Andrea asks both combatants if they are ready and they both nod in agreement. The group is relatively quiet as Pam and Jane lock their bodies together and struggle to gain an advantage. 

Jane (left) and Pam (right) lock bodies as the match begins
Jane is surprised at how strong and agile Pam is for her age. Pam controls Jane for most of the match and, as you can see from the picture below, she finishes her off in a dominant position as she applies a full body press on Jane who is unable to fight her off. Jane can’t believe that a similar-sized 56-year old woman can dominate her so easily, regardless of her aerobics background and good cardio.

Pam pins Jane firmly to the mat
After being held firmly on the mat by her more mature opponent for several minutes, Jane has no option other than to submit and concede the victory to Pam. Although she lost, Jane enjoyed the experience and now has a whole new appreciation of this unique, sensual sport of female wrestling.


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