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First Battle of Strongest Thighs: 162 lb. Lorna fights 169 lb. Julie for the heavyweight title

Lorna and Julie work in the same office in downtown Manhattan. They are both strikingly gorgeous single, plus-sized women who dress fashionably in clothing that enhances their curvy bodies. Lorna is a 27-year old brunette who weighs in at 162 lb. on her impressive 5’ 8” frame. Julie is an imposing 26-year old blonde who loves the attention that she attracts as jaws drop when she walks into meetings. At 5’ 7” and weighing 169 lb., she’s one-inch shorter than Lorna but looks stronger than her, particularly with her slightly thicker legs. Men in the office trip on themselves when they see any of these two amazons walking by in their tight skirts and high heels. Most women don’t stand too close to these big girls and they avoid any confrontation. Needless to say, both Lorna and Julie are competitive and they like being the centre of attention. 

Just for fun, a couple of guys from the office started talking about who’d win if these two women got into a fight. Jonathan jokingly said that Lorna looked so strong that she could beat anyone in the building and Peter argued that Julie looked stronger and would beat Lorna, especially with those powerful legs. This discussion snowballed and other employees, both men and women, entered the debate. They had now started an office poll and were voting on their preferred fighter. The fantasy poll had Lorna ahead by about 60/40. Eventually, word got to both these ladies that there was a fantasy poll going on about who would win in a fight. 

When Julie found out that Lorna was ahead in the poll, she commented that she was surprised by the results and, because she’s bigger, she would defeat Lorna if they did in fact ever fight for real. She then nearly caused a few heart attacks when she raised her skirt up a few inches to show her huge thighs to the people standing around her, and said: “I could squeeze that bitch until I crack her bones with these thighs”. Lorna just happened to walk by and overheard Julie’s comment. She walked up right beside Julie and placed her leg next to Julie’s, then lifted her skirt as well. “These strong thighs will beat your fat legs any day, my dear.” Julie strongly disagreed: “I guess there’s only one way to find out, hon. I’d love to fight you so we can settle who’s got the strongest thighs.” Lorna’s replies to Julie “Well sweetie, let’s do this then. You and me girl, anywhere, anytime…” Julie’s response confirmed to the men in the office that there is in fact, a God… “I’ll even raise the stakes, bitch. I want witnesses to see me beat you. Any volunteers want to watch me beat this bitch?” After picking up the trampled furniture and restarting a few hearts, it was settled; the fight is on. Peter has lots of room and some mats in his basement. The two amazons will fight this Saturday night in front of about 20 men and women, both coworkers and friends, to determine who’d actually win in a fight, and everyone knows that the use of these women’s thighs and legs will be predominant. Both ladies know that the fight will be won by the one with the strongest legs. 

It is now Saturday night and everyone is anxiously waiting for the battle of the office amazons to begin. Lorna walks in first, in full makeup, gorgeous as ever, looking almost 6 feet tall with her size 9 high heel shoes and wearing a red satin robe that stops at about 6 inches above her knees. She stands in one corner and drinks bottled water as she awaits the arrival of her opponent. Big blonde Julie then walks in, also in full makeup and nearly 6 feet tall with her size 9 ½ stiletto shoes, wearing a leopard print robe that reaches a few inches below her curvy ass. The room is eerily quiet as the audience gazes at these two big beautiful women who are about to engage in a real fight that had started mere days ago as a fantasy match. 

Peter takes charge and asks both women to approach the middle of the room to review the rules that both women had already agreed to. “Ladies, this is a submission fight in which the winner is determined by a hold that can only be applied by using your legs. You both agreed to this type of match. Any questions?” The women stare at each other and move their big, sexy, firm, curvy bodies closer to each other. Inches apart, they both reply “No”. They slowly turn back to their corners as Peter confirms that the poll now has Julie ahead, by a small margin of 55/45. Both women simultaneously remove their shoes and throw them aside, then proceed to remove their robes. Lorna lets her satin robe slide down her body, revealing that she is fighting topless, wearing only small tight burgundy red panties. Julie smirks as she unties her robe and opens it to reveal that she is also fighting topless. Her purple panties look too small as they barely cover her ass. Both women approach the centre of the room and begin the match by circling each other until, finally, they lock together as each tries to push her opponent with her strong legs in a test of strength. Julie leans forward and pushes hard against Lorna whose feet slip backwards on the mat. Not wanting to look weaker, Lorna turns her body sideways and as Julie is leaning forward, she gets her left arm around Julie’s neck and applies a headlock. 
Lorna goes for the headlock
With the momentum of Julie moving forward, Lorna takes her down hard.  But Julie manages to roll her off and now, both women are engaged in a full-blown fight for supremacy as each applies various leg holds on her opponent, mostly head and body scissors, but none is able to lock in a hold solid enough to clinch the victory.  Julie is starting to gain momentum and is outwrestling Lorna.
Julie controls Lorna as the crowd cheers on
Julie tries to weaken Lorna as she goes for a pin and keeps her weight on top of her opponent.  This doesn't help her much she needs to go for the scissors if she want stop win.
Julie pins Lorna to weaken her
As the crowd cheers both fighters, Lorna manages to roll over and now she's on top of Julie.  But she tries to weaken her opponent with a breast smother as Julie tries to push her off.
Lorna turns the table and pins Julie with a breast smother
Julie manages to get out of the pin but Lorna is relentlessly fighting to get into position to secure a body scissors hold.  But Julie escapes and the women are both back at fighting hard with no clear advantage to either combatant.
Both women fight hard to secure a scissor hold
After about 20 minutes of fighting, Julie seizes an opportunity to apply a scissor hold as she locks her thick legs around Lorna's neck, holds her arm and squeezes with all her might.  But Lorna is a tough woman.  She doesn't submit and fights to escape.  Both women's bodies are sweating and becoming slippery which allows Lorna to slide out of Julie's thick legs.
Julie locks in a tight head scissors hold and is close to victory
Lorna then quickly lunges on top of Julie and mounts her from behind.  Julie tries to sprawl but Lorna maintains her hold and slowly wears Julie down.  Lorna is beginning to feel like she could finish off Julie.
Lorna escapes Julies scissors and mounts her from behind
The women have been fighting non-stop for 30 minutes now and Lorna has been in a dominant position for about 5 minutes.  While Julie has her back to Lorna, Lorna manages to secure an upper body scissors hold from behind.  Julie leans forward and tries to break away, but Lorna seems to have a good solid hold this time as she holds Julie's head with her hands and tightens her legs just like a python would constrict its prey while the crowd hears Julie moan from the pain of Lorna’s massive thighs squeezing her ribcage and part of her neck. The crowd gets noisier as they cheer for each fighter. Part of the audience cheers “Squeeze her Lorna! You got her! Squeeze harder!! You got her!!”, while others are screaming at Julie “Don’t give Julie! Get up! Fight her! Don’t give!!” Lorna’s powerful thighs are now tightly grasped around Julie’s chest and neck as her moans grow louder and turn to screams of anguish and pain, as Julie does not want to lose but is unable to escape Lorna’s vice-like hold. 
Lorna locks her thick thighs around Julie and gets the submission
As you see from the photo, Lorna’s thighs are locked around Julie’s chest and neck, as Julie is very close to submitting before Lorna’s powerful thighs end up cracking some of her ribs. In severe pain and unable to escape, Julie screams out: “Owww! OK! I give! I give! You’re hurting me. Let go, bitch. You win”. Lorna rolls sideways and slowly eases up on her grip, and spreads her legs apart to release Julie who now lies on the mat in agonizing pain as the crowd cheers and applauds both fighters for an outstanding show of female power and determination. Lauren and Evelyn are coworkers who witnessed this fight and were both amazed by the intensity and excitement of it. They are much smaller than these powerhouses though. Lauren turns over to Evelyn and tells her “This was incredible. I’ve got strong legs too. I’d love to squeeze another woman’s ribs too.” Evelyn looks at Lauren in astonishment and immediately stands up without hesitation and shouts: “Hey folks. Next week, I’m fighting Lauren for the strongest lightweight thighs contest.” The crowd cheers as Lauren and Evelyn smile nervously.  Stay tuned for the results of that fight to appear soon on this blog…

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