Monday, 19 January 2015

53-year old Judith takes on 56-year old Irene in a mature housewife wrestling match in front of their husbands

Two mature housewives wrestle in front of their husbands, as 53-year old Judith takes on 56-year old Irene. Both couples have know each other for a long time. Roger and Judith are at John and Irene's house on a Saturday night. After consuming a few drinks, the women start talking about how competitive they were when they were younger. The discussion escalates to who would win today in a competitive wrestling match. John says there's only one way to find out. Roger agrees and they both dare their wives to wrestle each other to see who would win. Having had a few drinks, the women feel like they could go for it, but they should wrestle in something sexy for their husbands. They are both of similar in size and have thick legs, with Judith weighing in at 141 lbs on her 5'6" frame, while the older Irene is the same height but weighs 138 lbs. 

They both go to Irene's room to find some attire that would excite their husbands. Irene loans Judith her short black negligee while Irene wears a see-through beige outfit that John really likes. The men move some furniture in the living room and the women meet face to face. They start on their knees, inches apart, staring at each other when John says: "Ready ladies?  May the best fighter win.  3-2-1, GO!!"  Both women lounge at each other and fall quickly to the floor.  Even in their mid 50s, these women wrestle hard in an intense and erotic match as none of these two ladies wants to lose in front of their husbands. The advantage goes back and forth as these women apply a variety of holds and pins to finish off their opponent.  After about 30 minutes of a long, exciting, intense match, Judith is now on top of an exhausted Irene and goes for a pin by lying on top of her, squeezing Irene's right arm between her thick thighs and placing her stomach on Irene's chest in a cross body position.  Judith focused on keeping her body weigh entered on her opponent's chest as Irene tries to bridge and squirm out, but to no avail.  Judith stays on top of Irene until she can't fight her off. John shouts to Irene: "Don't give, honey... C'mon Irene.  Don't give. Get her off, babe." while Roger shouts: "Pin her Judith. You've got her. Keep her on her back.  Don't let her up". 
Judith pins Irene as their husbands watch their mature wives wrestle
The picture above shows Irene solidly pinned under Judith's 141 lb. body as Judith keeps repeating: "Give?" while Irene struggles for several minutes to get her off:

Irene: "No! No!"
Judith: "You're pinned.  You're going nowhere.  Now Give."
Irene:  "No!  I won't submit in front of John in my house."  Irene tries to bridge again but her sweaty feet slip on the carpet.  Judith adjusts her body and now Irene is really starting to feel her opponent's body weight pressing against her chest as she find it hard to breathe.
Irene: "Arghh! Ugh! Shit! I can't get her off John."
John: "C'mon honey.  Fight her.  You're just as strong as she is.  Don't give."
Judith: "Give?"
Irene can barely breathe : "OK!  OK!  I give.  You win." as she submits and concedes the victory to tonight's winner Judith as their husbands John and Roger, who you can see in the background, are looking on.

The winner of this match by submission due to a cross body pin, Judith, after 34 minutes of sexy wrestling by two mature women who love to fight in front of their lucky husbands.

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  1. sadly they should have had a catfight older women are tough