Tuesday, 20 January 2015

135 lb Linda takes on 143 lb Sharon in a tough fight between two moms

Linda is a 5’ 6” 135 lb housewife and the mother of seven-year old son, Tim who got into a fight at school against Kevin’s, the seven-year old son of 5’ 6”, 143 lb. housewife Sharon. Both mothers had to pick up their sons at school in the principal’s office, and there was an immediate dislike between these women as each blamed the other’s son for starting the fight. It got into a shouting match and the school principal intervened and told them to leave and cool off. 

A few days later, while the boys were at school, these women met other at the local grocery store while walking towards their cars. Sharon was too upset to let this go as she approached Linda and told her that her son was a bully and that he probably got it from his mother. Linda tried to walk away when Sharon shoved her and said “You like being bullied. I’ll show you what it’s like. Let’s finish what these kids started. I’ll fight you to avenge my son. Let the mothers deal with this, not the kids.” Linda looks at Sharon and says: “Really? We’re going to fight for our family’s pride? OK. The winner has bragging rights and the loser’s family leaves the winner’s family alone. Tell me when and where.“ Sharon answers: “Right now. My place”. 

They both drive to Sharon’s place and go to the basement where Sharon places some sheet-covered foam mats on the floor. Sharron says: “OK. First to submit loses. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not fighting in these clothes.” They both strip down to their panties and within seconds, they are already fighting intensively with their family’s pride at stake. And they are not even fighting on the foam mats. In the end, Linda starts to take control of Sharon and appears to be the better fighter today as she is seen in this picture trying to pin and smother the heavier Sharon who is trying desperately not to let Linda get the pin by twisting her body and pulling Linda's hair. Linda finally manages to mount Sharon and finishes her off with a combination grapevine and breast smother. 
Linda tries to pin and smother heavier Sharon as these moms fight for family pride
Sharon fights with all her might as she knows that she's representing her family's pride, but Linda is winning this fight between moms and an upset Sharon will soon have no choice but to submit to Linda and concede her and her family the hard-earned victory. So, the winner of this grudge match between two moms and holder of the family bragging rights, after 28 minutes of intense fighting, Linda.

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